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Parish of Currie -- Parish of Currie -- Parish of Currie -- Parish of Currie -- Parish of Currie -- Parish of Currie -- J.I. Gordon Esq Sheriff --
Revd.[Reverend] T. Barclay Currie Manse -- Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 1845 -- Gazetteer of Scotland By Fullarton & Co. [Company] -- Nearly in the Central part of the County of Edinburgh -- A parish in the County of Edinburgh and about 6 miles SW. [South West] of the City of Edinburgh The following notice regarding the etymology of the name. "From its name ancient Koria or Coria it seems to have been one of those districts which still retain their ancient Roman apel-lation. This conjecture is supporte[d] by the following authors who give an account of the ancient and modern names of places in Scotland I. Johnston in his Antiquitates Celto Nounanniae, for the Coria of Ptole=my places Currie 2. Dr. [Doctor] Stukely in his account of Richard of Cirencester's map and Itenarary for the Coria of Richard fixes Corstanlaw in the neighbourhood of Currie, 3. Sir Robert Sibbald in his Roman Antiquities of Scotland conceives it to have been in the plain near the Manor of Ingleston from a pillar dug up there which place is likewise in the vicinity of Currie These circum-stances tend to prove that it must have been originally a Roman Station traces of which have been lately found in the neighbourhood".

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