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BREICH MILL (Corn) 010
BREICH MILL [farm] 010
Breich Mill
Breich Mill Breich Mill
Wm. Smith
Revd. W. Larmonth [sic]
About 7/8 mile W. from West Calder A corm [sic] mill ['with dwelling' scored out, 'also a farm' written above] house, & offices. and about 100 acres of arable land attached; the property of William Smith Esq. and occupied by Mr W Smith.
Breich Mill Breich Mill
- Do. -
Wm. Smith Esqr.
R. Davie Esq.
Late Propr.
[following directly after the last in a second hand] The corn mill is occupied as a sepa-rate tenement.
Breich Water Breich Water
Revd. W Learmonth
Alexr. Cunningham
Co. Map
Form[in]g a portion of the boundary of the counties of Linlithgow and Edinb:- A considerable stream formed by the confluence of the streams "Kitchen Lin" and "Darmead Lin". Its course is in a north-easterly direction, and it forms the boundary between the counties of Edinburgh and Linlithgow until it joins the River Almond ['at' scored out] near Broompark.
[Another hand has added] '- or at Grange Mill (Paper Mill)'

Transcriber's notes

In the Orthography column (Corn) is added below Breich Mill
In the Authority column e with a [caret] has been added between L and a of Larmonth to read 'Learmonth'
Under the second entry for Breich Mill the second hand has added 'Note. The proprietor recommends Breich Mill (Corn) to be written to the mill and Breich Mill to be written to the farm house.'

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