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CHURCH [Newbattle] Church parish Revd [Reverend] Mr Gordon Newbattle Manse
J Walker Gatekeeper Newbattle Abbey
007 The Parish Church of Newbattle situated at the North end of the ... [village]of Newbattle, it is built in the form of a cross and contains about [...] sittings the officiating minis... [minister] the Revd [Reverend] Mr Gardon
MANSE [Newbattle] Revd [Reverend] Mr Gordon
J Walker
007 A well constructed house two [storeys] high having a garden and ornam... [ornamental] ground attached the residence [and] property for the time being of Revd [Reverend] Mr Gordon
NEWBATTLE [village] Revd [Reverend] Mr Gordon County Map 007 A small village about one [...] South of Dalkeith there is no tr... [trade] carried on here as the people are gen... [generally] of the labouring class. the houses are ... formed and built and some of them s... very ancient. These were formerly a la... and distillery here but only the ruins of ... [some] of them are now to be seen

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Newbattle Parish

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