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Parish of Newbattle. A parish in the eastern direction of Edinburgh-shire; bounded on the north-west by Lasswade and Dalkeith; on the north by Dalkeith and Cranston; on the east by Cranston;on the south-east and south by Borthwick and on the west by Cockpen. The superficial area is about 8 square miles.The south Esk runs half a mile on the southern boundary, and, after making a detour of nearly 2 miles into Cockpen, runs 2 1/2 miles along the western boundary and leaves the parish in the immediate vicinity of Dalkeith. From the beautiful and romantic vale of this stream to the surface gradually rises to a ridge, 2 miles distant, ............... point attains 600 feet above sea-level; and thereafter it falls, almost regularly, off to the eastern and northern frontiers. On the ..........is a quadrangular enclosure of about 9 acres in extent supposed to have been a Roman Camp. The principal object of antiquarian interest in the parish is Newbattle Abbey the seat of the Marquis of Lothian formerly, as its name imports, a monastery . It contains the villages of Newbattle, Easthouses, Westhouses, and Stobhill together with four smaller hamlets, chiefly occupied by Colliers. This parish is in the presbytery of Dalkeith and Synod of Lothian and Eskdale Patroness the Marquioness of Lothian.

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