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passage from the Abbey on the front of the vault is a stone tablet on which the following is written "Jane, Marchioness of Lothian built this aisle in the Year of our Lord 1705".
"Newbattle Abbey, the seat of the Marquiss of Lothian is a large modern building and the plan of it especially within discovers the taste and judgement
of the architect. In the library there are several Manuscripts in folio written upon Vellum in the Saxon character and every page of them is adorned with pictures emblematic of the respective subjects of which they treat. And in all of them the figures are coloured and gilded with so much delicacy and richness, as to afford a very interesting specimen of the labour and elegance with which they have been executed. These manuscripts had in former times belonged to the Abbey, the monks of which were of the Cistertian Order. It was founded and endowed by David I. A wall surrounded it which is almost entire and retains the name of the Monklands Wall. The modern house is raised upon the spot which was formerly occupied by the Monastery, and stands surrounded by a level lawn con tainting about 30 acres of grounds." Sinclairs Stat. Acct. vol 10 page 216.
David I actuated by similar motives also founded, on the Esk in 1140 a monastery at Newbottle for Cistertian monks, who were brought from Melrose. The place derived its name from the Saxon botle villa domiciiinem. And it was probably called Newbotle by some Saxon settler here in Contradistinction to Eld-botle in East Lothian." Chalmers Caledonia vol II fo.766.

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I had some difficulty with the word which I have transcribed as domiciiinem. They will need checking.

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