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MARKET CROSS OF EDINBURGH (Transferred 1756) 007 The cross, moreover, was the chief scene of all the public rejoicings, was honoured with the principal pageants at the entries of sovereigns, and formed the groundwork of a platform, where the magistrates used to drink the King's health on his birthday. Distinguished in all these ways, the centre of business the place where merchants most did congregate it was altogether one of the most interesting objects in Edinburgh. Unfortunately in 1756, when the Royal Exchange was finished,the magistrates conceiving that it could no longer be necessary as a rallying point or rendezvous for commercial people, and thinking moreover, that it encumbered the street caused it to be demolished leaving only a radiated pavement to mark the space of ground which it had occupied.

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Market Cross of Edinburgh
Chambers Reekiana
Page 196

"In the lawn of the Drum, the ancient residence of the Sommerville family, right opposite the front of the house stands the Old Market Cross of the City of Edinburgh. It was brought here in 1856. It is composed of several stones 20 feet high and 18 inches in diameter, and ornamented with thistles, the ancient badge of Scotland.

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This page contains an passage taken from Chambers "Reekiana" [Reekiana, or Minor Antiquities of Edinburgh. 1833.] which I believe to be one of the principle works of the great Scottish publishers Robert and William Chambers.

Beneth that entry is a further account/description of the Old Market Cross and is position at the time of entry into this account.

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