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Viewfield Cottage
G R Thompson
A Torrence
007 A good dwelling house with a large garden attach the property and residence of G R Thompson
J Bell
Mr Smith
007 A few dwelling houses with gardens Attachd [attached] chiefly occupd [occupied] by farm labourers etc. situated about 1/2 [one half] mile N.W. [north west] from Lasswade

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Parish of Lasswade
Viewfield Cottage About 1 1/8 [one and one eighth] miles S.W. [south west] of Dalkeith
Wadeinburn About 30 chains West of Lasswade village

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Site of Battle supposed 3rd Battle of Roslin between the English & Scotch
Site of Battle supposed 3rd Battle of Roslin Mr Dewar
Site of Battle supposed 3rd Battle of Roslin Mr Bowen
Site of Battle supposed 3rd Battle of Roslin Mr Laing
1 7/8 [one and seven eighths] miles W. [west] of Dalkeith
The spot marked on trace on the north side of Englands Hill is the supposed site of the third Battle of Roslin. fought between the English and Scotch 24th February 1302.

Several stone coffins enclosing human bones have been found here by Mr Dewar and the farmer, Mr Laing. Nothing further can be obtained.

Additional Note, NOT crossed through:
After much research and enquiry no satisfactory information could be obtained concerning a site of Battle at this place. Therefore any information concerning it cannot be shown on plan.

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