List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MELVILLE CASTLE Melville Castle J Inglis
Mr Lyle
007 A very handsome mansion with freshly wooded demesne, large gardens and offices attached the residence & property of Lord Melville, it is beautifully situated on the North side of the River North Esk a short distance from Lasswade.
MIDDLE MILL (Corn) Middle Mill Mr Taylor
N Wilson
007 A corn mill worked by the water of the North Esk occupd [occupied] by Mr Taylor & the property of Lord Melville

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Parish of Lasswade
39 [page]
Melville Castle About 1/4 [one quarter] mile W. [west] by South of Dalkeith
Middle Mill About 1 5/8 miles [one and five eighths] W. [west] by South of Dalkeith

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