List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DEAN BURN Mr McIntosh Lugton
Mr Taylor Sheriffhall
007 A small stream flowing through the Dalkeith demesne, and entering the N [North] Esk - the name applies only to the portion of it which is inside the demesne boundary.
LUGTON Mr McIntosh Lugton
Mr Taylor Sheriffhall
007 A number of dwelling houses [---] in the north west side of Dalkeith and on the old road from Dalkeith to Edinr [Edinburgh]. It is the property of the Duke of Buccleuch
NEWTON CHURCH (Ruins of) W. O. Galloway Miller Haugh
Mr Seton Sherifhall Mains
007 The ruins of the old parish church of Newton surrounded by a small enclosure said to have been some time ago used as a burying place but is now disused, - the tower of the church is still standing and in good preservation, but scarcely a vestige of the bo [body] of the church remains.

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