List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
LITTLE FRANCE Little France W. Kerr Greenend George Watson Liberton E [East] Mains 006 A small village or hamlet containing about 6 families. Situated about 2 1/2 Miles on the public road to Dalkeith it is thatched and in bad repair in former times I believe it contained 4 times the number of houses This village derived its name from the circumstance of some of Queen Mary's Retinue having occupied it after her arrival from France
QUEEN MARY'S TREE [Little France] Queen Mary's Tree Antiquity W. Kerr Greenend George Watson Liberton E [East] Mains 006 A large sycamore tree situated in the village of Little France and is traditionally handed down as having been planted by Queen Mary during her residence at Craigmillar Castle, it measures about 16 ft [feet] around the girth.

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John E Darevan Decr [December] 10th 1831

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