List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BRAID BURN Braid Burn W. Drybrough Clearburn W. Thompson Peffer Mill 006 A tolerable sized stream rising on the North side of the Pentland range on the land of Bonally from which it takes generally a straight course to the North. East till it is joined to Clear Burn from thence in a circuituous course to the North, where its reflux takes place with the sea at Portobello.
CLEARBURN Clearburn House Mr Drybrough Clearburn Mr Thompson Peffer Mill 006 A neat built house in good repair occupying a site on the Stream of that name; its situation is low, though not the least picturesque; being embosomed in wood, and behind which the lofty peak of Arthurs Seat rises it head; it is tenanted by Mr Drybrough the property of Sir W. Dick Cunningham

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List of Names collected by Pl. John E Darwan RSOMines 1st Examiner
John E Darwan RS&N Decr. 10th 1851

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