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OUR LADY'S WELL (Covered) [Liberton Tower] Our Lady's Well Thomas Torrance Meadowhead John Wallace Liberton 006 The site of a celebrated well situated in a hollow on the farm of Liberton Tower Mains and dedicated to St.[Saint] Mary as it and the field is well known to be called to this day "The lady's Field." & Well" this well however about 50 years ago underwent a drainage during some improvements that were making on the land; In its covered condition it takes a S.E.[South East] course till its Confluence with the Braid Burn where it is shown to this day as the water coming from the Lady's Well, and from which a body of crystalized water flows copiously, it was supposed that a chapel was somewhere Convenient which gave rise to the name, but all traces have long since disappeared

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John E Darnan Nov. 7th 1831

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