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Fisher Row Links
Fisher Row Links
Robert Knight Fisher Row
John McIntyre Musselburgh,
Hay's Map of Musselburgh Date 1824.
A Small Tract of waste ground Situated between the Village of Fisher Row and the Sea Cost. [Coast] It is cover'd [covered] with Short grass interspersed with furze & is the property of Burgh of Musselburgh.
River Esk
Esk Water
Esk River
Robert Knight Fisher Row
John McIntyre Musselburgh
Knox's County Map Date 1847.
Hay's Map of Musselburgh Date 1824
A large River formed by the Junction of the South and North Esk Waters with each other this is the continuation of both to its Junction with the Firth of Forth here it divides the Villages of Musselburgh & Fisher Row As Channel Stream within the Tide Mark is from one and a half to two Chains wide - and often liable to Change Its Course.

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[Page] 7
List of Names collected by Thomas Smith C. Asst. [Civilian Assistant]
Sheet 5

Parish - Inver Esk

Fisher Row Links - A Tract of
River Esk - A River

James Carpenter C.Asst. [Civilian Assistant] 26th Jany [January] 1853
Thomas Smith C/Asst [Civilian Assistant]
H James. Capt. R E [Captain Royal Engineers]
21 Febr. [February] 1853.

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This Name Book refers to Musselburgh 1853 - Sheet 05
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 Scale: 1:1056

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