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Dick Place
J. Bailey Albana villa
Mr. Leadbeatter Dick Place
A new Street leading westward from the Loans Lane in which are several handsome cottages newly built a short extent is only yet constructed & is in progress of being macadamised. This street intersects another new street Called Lauder Road
Lauder Road
Corner TicKet
J. Bailey Albana Villa
A new street of which only a short extent is yet constructed 7 is at present in progress It is intended to extend from Grange Road to Grange Loan In it are some handsome cottages newly built nearly all Known by particular names.

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Parish of St. Cuthbert

Dick Place [note] [Already] included on plan [of the] Country [O.M.O] [Ordnance Mapping Office] 3d May 1852.

Lauder Road [note] This name is not inserted on the plan as the Road or Street to which it applies is not yet completed - and not marKed out on the plan
O.M.O. [Ordnance Mapping Office] 3rd May 1852.

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This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1851 - Sheet 48
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 Scale: 1:1056

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