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SOUTH BRIDGE South Bridge Street
South Bridge
South Bridge
Corner Ticket
Name on Lampposts
P.O. [Post Office] Directory
[Situation] Extds [Extends] from Hunters Sqr. [Square] to Michael Street
A continuation southward of the North Bridge. It is a straight well built street extending from High Street to Nicholson Street. The houses are of a Superior Class and generally three Stories high above the level of the Street, besides and an underground story. They are chiefly occupied as Shops warerooms, hotels &c. The Shops are of a good Class, Chiefly in the retail trade. It is a portion of the thorough fare leading to the Southern Suburb of the City

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Parish of the City of Edinburgh

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This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1852 - Sheet 36
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895
Town Plan of Edinburgh (south east part) Surveyed: 1849-53 Scale: 1:1056

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