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Potter Row
Corner Ticket
Name on Lamp Posts
P.O. [Post Office] Directory
002 [Situation] From South College Street to Chapel Street
A narrow back Street from Lothian Street and [?] (South) to the junction of Chapel Street, Crichton Street and Bristo Street The houses are generally [?] and occupied Chiefly by [?] Shopkeepers etc.
ALISON'S SQUARE Allison's Square
Alison's Square
Alison's Square
Corner Ticket
P.O. [Post Office] Directory
Chamber's "Reekiana"
002 [Situation] On East Side of Potter Row.
This Square is Situated [between] Nicholson Square and Potter Row The houses are four [Stories high] and were erected about [?] of the last Century. It [is occupied] by working people.

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93 Parish of St. Cuthberts

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