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GROTTO [Barnton] Grotto Mr Bennie, N. [North] Clermiston
Mr George Brown, Teacher, Free Church School Carmond
001 A square chamber in a large rocky Knoll the floor of which is on a level with the surrounding land. The entrance is upon the north side where the rock is perpendicular & together with the ceiling & two small apertures in the sides for windows, seems the work of art facilitated by nature - it is within the demesne of Barnton. alongside is a semi subterranean arched vault like the tower cell of an ancient castle, its roof is a little above & its floor a little beneath the ground & it is open at each end. What it has been I cannot make out

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List of Names collected by 2nd Corpl [Corporal] Mechan RSM [Royal Sappers & Miners]
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[Parish] Cramond

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