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228 Parish of Corstorphine
- Church of Corstorphine - continued ---
"fashion and dress of the times. The roof is supported by strong arches and is formed by large flag sto
"- The whole building seems to have suffered little by the waste of time. The inside a few years ago m
"fitted up in a modern and commodious style at a considerable expence by the heritors. Sir Willia
Dick of Prestonfield Baronet is patron. ----------
- "The parish schoolmaster possessed an Acre of land upon the side of the Water of Leith called the
"acre, this piece of ground was destined for defraying the experice of a lamp which hung in the east end
" the Church of Corstorphine, it is not long since the pulley for supporting it was taken down. Ther
"various conjectures regarding the use this lamp was intended for. Some say that it was in honor of the
"before whose statue it was lighted up, others and with more probability think that it served as a bea
"to direct travellers going from Edinburgh along a road which in those times was both difficult and
"dangerous. -----------

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