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CASTLE (Remains of) Castle

Mungo Bryson Road Surveyor Strathaven
William Brown Strathaven
John Masterton Strathaven
Old Statistical Account.
023.15 A stream called "Pomillan' runs thro' Strathaven. after passing the Turnpike Road leading from Edinboro' to Ayr, it forms a curve From this road and this curve in the Pomillan the ground rises abruptly forming a Knoll of considerable elevation flat at top and semielliptical in shape. On this flat are the remains of an ancient castle of an oblong shape having a circular Tower at the N.W. [North West] corner. The walls were of considerable thickness but the wall on the south side was much thicker than any of the others. The tower stands yet at nearly its original height but the staircase which was in the inside is totally removed. A great portion of the side wall on the north side is yet standing, but little of the end walls remain, and the side wall on the south is taken down and removed except a piece about 10 links long which is yet standing and seems about the original height. Most of the stones, which formed the inside facing of the walls were picked out and removed.
The Inhabitants of the Town say the castle was surrounded by a wall. Remains of a wall are visible in two places. It appears from the statistical account that the castle was supposed to be in existence about the middle of the 15th century.
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County of Lanark--Parish of Avondale

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