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TUMULUS [nr Tweediehall] Tumulus New Statistical Account.
Jas. Whyte, Tweediehall.
James Miller, Strathaven.
023.16 "There have been other tumuli" (besides the one on "west mains" xx1v-9 trace 1,)" formed in the parish, particularly one at the upper end of it: which comes years ago, was ransacked and a .......... of ... formed thereuis "New Statistical Account".
This tumulus, as stated by the proprietor of the ground on which it stands, has the same appearance now, as shown on examination trace, as it had upwards of 50 years ago. It is grown over with grass beneath which it is supposed to be composed of stones, as many appear on its top and sides. In appearance, it is is much more like a cairn than a tumulus wms have never been found owing, it is said by Wm. Whyte, to its not been dug into. The proprietor is an intelligent authority, and this, whatever it may have been, is considered by him

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