List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
EAST BOG East Bog Valuation Roll.
Rent Roll.
James Miller, Occupier
031.10 A farm steading east of the other Bog. It is the property of J.S. Lockart Esqr.
OVER TWEEDIESIDE Over Tweedieside Title Deeds.
Carts of Farm.
Donald McAllum, Proprietor
031.10 A farm steading occupied by the proprietor. This name is, in all parochial documents commonly styled "Tweedieside"only, but as given by the Pr.
"Over Tweedieside" is the proper name.
RAW (Ruin) Raw Forest's Co. Map.
R. Leiper, St Lawrence Chapel.
Thos. Allison, Goslington
031.10 The ruins of a farm steading about 4 chains east of Goslington the lands of "Raw" are farmed with those of "Townend (trace 6)
WEST BOG West Bog Valuation Roll.
Rent Roll.
James Stobo, Occupier
031.10 A farm steading the property of J. S. Lockart Esqr.

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