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DYKEHEAD Dykehead Valuation Roll.
Voter's List.
John Semple, Occupier.
Occupier's Cants
024.14 This farm steading is separated from the "Dykehead" the property of J. S. Lockart Esqr. by the road passing between them. There is no distinction whatever used to this steading, except that of the proprietor's or tenants name, from the "Dykead" of Mr. Lockart's situated south of it. It is the property of Dr. Mitchell. The other steading of the same name was formerly called Knowetop - a name now altogether disused by both proprietor and tenant.
DYKEHEAD COTTAGE Dykehead Cottage Valuation Roll.
John Muirhead, Occupier.
John Semple, Lessee of Lands.
James Hamilton, Bogside.
024.14 A cottage on the lands of Dykehead, the property of Dr. Mitchell. The name is well known, and used as given on trace.

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