List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GREENBURN Greenburn Valuation Roll.
Rent Receipt.
Andw. Ballantyne, Occ
024.13 A superior farm steading the property of Mr. Reid of Peel Park.
This name is given to a tile works on xx1v-9 trace 6.
HAZELDEAN Hazledean.
Valuation Roll.
Rent Roll.
Robt. Stobo, Occupier
024.13 A good farm steading the property of J.S.Lockart Esqr. of Castlehill. This name is used to two houses of Mr. Gebbies - west of this farm, (see descriptions of "High House" and Burn on trace 1).
HOSENET Hosenet Valuation Roll.
Forest's Co. Map.
Mrs Craig, Propritress
026.13 A small farm steading occupied by the propritress.

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"Hazel" - Dean, Den, - A hollow where the ground slopes on both sides; generally such a one has a Dion let coming through it.


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