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Roman Road (continued) Plans xx1v-13 and 14, xxx-4 and xxx1-1.

are visible in a plantation, through which it is partly used as an occupation road for carting away felled timber. After leaving the plantin, it again forms a strip of r. pasture interspersed with the caliseloayed on the side of an arable field. From the last point described - at "St Lawrence Chapel". xx1v-13 trace 6. to the Ph road leading to "Sandford" (xx1v-13 trace 5), as pointed out by Mr. R. Leiper of "Chapel", the "Site" is shown as far as the parish road on east side , or margin, of trace 5. xx1v-13, and from the west side of this road, through a portion of rough pasture the remains are sean by numerous causeway stones on the ground; from here to the corner of the Ph. road (xx1v-13 trace 5) the site, well remembered by Mr. Leiper, is shown. From the point where it is now a parish road to "Heathery rig", is well known as being the catual Roman Road, better known as the "Deil's Causeway". There is nothing remarkable in its appearance where it becomes a parish road , being like the other ordinary roads of the parish. From "Heatheryrig" (xxx-4 trace 3) to the point where it leaves the parish is doubtful - Mr Leiper states that he remembers the causeway on the present Ph. Road as far as "Blackscroft". (forest's Co. Map shows the roman road in character farther west than "Blackscroft". Mr. J. Allison of Goslington says the "Deil's Causeway" was where the present Ph. Road is, and that it crossed the kype at an old bridge, where the ford was formerly, about 3 chains north of the present bridge. Mr. Donald McAllum, "Over Tweedieside", and Mr J. Miller, merchant, strathaven, believe it to have crossed the kype , at the place shown in pencil (xxx-4 trace 3). This point would most likely be correct, as it would be in a more direct line to "Craigmuir", and "Mellslay", in Avondale Parish. From the western boundry of the parish to "Heathery Rig" the roman road is almost straight

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