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GLASFORD BRIDGE Glasford Bridge Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
Robert Campbell, Smith.
Mr Hunter Pr. of Houses.
J. Crawford, Road Surveyor, Glasford.
R. Riddle, Poor Rate Collector.
024.09 A stone bridge over the "Avon Water", with two arches. The date of building (1779) is on the west side of it. "Glasford Mill" is close to the bridge, in Glasford Parish, and the name of the bridge is generally known in the parish. It also gives the same name to the houses east of "Avonside", on the side of the T. P. Road.
This name was not written on the traces of Glasford, owing to the "Glasford Mill" being beside it, but in this parish it is as necessary to retain the name as any other in the parish.
It would be better, even in Glasford Parish, to adopt this ("Glasford") to the bridge and drop Glasford to the mill. But both are well known, proper names, and should, if possible, be retained.
The road surveyor for the T. P. Road gives the name "Glasford Bridge" to the bridge over the Avon, on the line of the T. P. Road from Ayr. This bridge is commonly called the "Glasford Bridge" as the houses near it are but the leet authorities agree to the name, properly, belonging to the bridge leading into Glasford Parish.

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