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Site of Cot Castle (continued). xx1v-9 trace 2

of the mound, and also at the place written on trace , a foundation wall 7 feet thick, and about 12 feet long, found here about 20 years ago". This wall was built with mortar, and there were, at the time it was found, a faint appearance of a wall of the same length each side in the form of a square, which is by some, supposed, from its resemblance to a Cot, to have been the real origin of the name. "Coat", is, upon the authority of Mr Hamilton the farmer, and Mr Hamilton, the Inspector of Poor. A scotticism of Cot. Until recently this name was spelt Cott by the proprietor's agent, but in all documents of the present time, it is spelt Cot.
From the appearance of the mound and some slight remains of a ditch, on the north side of it, there is reason to think that the place pointed out by the farmer is the site of the Castle.

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