List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
COT CASTLE Cot Castle.
Cat or Coat Castle.
Cat Castle.
Valuation Roll.
Eastate Map.
Rent Roll.
J. Christie Esqr, Factor.
New Statistical Account.
Revd. H. Dewar.
024.09 A farm steading, the property of J. S. Lockart Esqr. (see remarks on "Site of Cot Castle", which is near the farm house, on this trace).
North of the farm, on the banks of the "Avon Water", there are several ironstone mines, and south west of it , there are mines for working limestone, taken out of an embankment which comes from the lime kilns (trace 4) to the farm of "Cot Castle".
WEST MAINS West Mains Rent Roll.
Eastate Map.
Valuation Roll.
Jas. Allan, Occupier
024.09 A good farm steading, the property of J. S. Lockart Esqr. (see descriptive remarks to "East Mains" - trace 5, xx1v-5)

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