List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CITY OF GLASGOW BANK [Stonehouse] City of Glasgow Bank (Branch) Valuation Roll.
J. Duncan, manager.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
024.06 A branch bank of the City Of Glasgow Bank. It is in "Argyle Street".
FREE CHURCH SCHOOL [Stonehouse] Free Church School Revd. H. Dewar.
Revd Wm. King.
James Mitchell, teacher.
024.06 A fine school house belonging to the Free Church body. It is entered from "Hill Road". James Mitchell, teacher.
It contains accommodation for about 300 pupils.
MILLAR STREET [Stonehouse] Millar Street Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
Wm. Craig, King Street.
Wm Barr, Kirk Street.
024.06 A little street off the north end of "Trongate Street". It terminates in "Kirk Street" - , or near the police office. It is not yet comen ticketed but is well known.
TRONGATE STREET [Stonehouse] Trongate Street Valuation Roll.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
Wm. Barr, Kirk Street.
024.06 A street or part of that street which is called "Argyle Street", and "Lawrie Street" it extends from "The Cross" to the end of "Argyle Street".

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