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ANGLE STREET [Stonehouse] Angle Street Valuation Roll.
Comen Ticket.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
024.06 This street is between "The Cross" and the end of "Cam'nethan" and "Boghall" streets. It is named from the angle it forms near its centre
SCHOOL [Stonehouse] School Valuation Roll.
New Statistical Account.
James Hutchison, Schoolmaster.
Revd H. Dewar.
024.06 The Parish School of Stonehouse - a good stone building, one story high and capable of accommodating 200 pupils. It is entered from "Boghall Street"
UNION STREET [Stonehouse] Union Street Comen Ticket.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
Valuation Roll.
024.06 A street running south from "The Cross" and extending either to the end of dwelling houses, or as far as the "Brick and Tile Works". The best authorities cannot define its precise extent.
The houses are numbered to the gas works

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