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ST NINIAN'S CHURCH (Remains of) Church (remains of) Revd. Hugh Dewar Ph. minister.
James Hutchison, Ph Schoolmaster.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector of Poor.
James Allen, West Mains.
Origines Paroctrials Scotiae.
024.05 This is a gable end wall having an old belfry on the top of it, which upon authorities here quoted are the remains of the old Ph. Church. The church records of Stonehouse go back to 1696 only, and there is no other written accounts of its existence previous to that time, but it is believed to be of a much older date, as stated by W. Dewar, stood at the time of the "Battle of Bothwell Bridge"- ad. 1679. Upon the sam authority (Revd H. Dewar) it is said to have been formerly a R. C. Chapel and existed befor the reformation. There is a martyr's tomb near the remains of the church.
The old gable wal is much the same in appearance as the old church of Glassford.

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"The church of Stonehouse was dedicated to St Ninian, and stood with its village near the Avon, and not far from Gateaslle, but on the opposite side of the burn, probably to the west of the present village"

Origines Parochrials Scotiae

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