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EAST MAINS East Mains Valuation Roll.
Rent Receipt.
Wm. Letham, Occupier.
024.05 A good farm steading named, or termed, "East " without respect to its position with the farm of "West Mains". It lies more north of the latter than east.
The property of J.P.Lockart Esqr.
An old dove cot west of this farm, but on the lands of "West Mains", is said to have been the origin of the name of the parish, from its being built of stone at a time when there were no stone houses in the parish. It was taken down some years since.
MILL HOLM Millholm Haugh.
Mill Holm.
James Allan, West Mains.
Wm. Letham, East Mains.
Red. Hugh Dewar, Manse.
Forest's Co. Map.
024.05 A natural haugh or low lying ground to the "Avon Water". There was formerly a mill here, and also a dwelling house, which bore the name "Mill Holm". It is now well known as "Millholm Haugh". The property of J.P. Lockart Esqr.

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"Holme, Howm, The level low ground on the banks of a river or stream",
"Haugh, Low lying ground, properly, on the boarder of a river, and such as is sometimes flooded", Jamieson

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