List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BURNHEAD Burnhead Valuation Roll.
James Mackie, Pr.
Andrew Smith, Tenant.
024.10 A cottage occupied by the proprietor and another. The name is well known. There is an other "Burnhead" in the south of the parish, but there is no distinction given to either.
KITTYMUIR Kittymuir.
West Kittymuir.
Valuation Roll.
Wm. Hamilton, Oc.
Occupier's Carts.
Forest's Co Map.
Voter's List.
024.10 A good farm steading, the property of Captain McNeil Hamilton. There is another farm steading of the same name but belongs to an other proprietor, on trace 6. There is no distinction used to either except in the "Voter's List" which without
TILE WORKS [Burnhead] Tile Works Valuation Roll.
Andrew Smith, Lessee.
Wm. Hamilton, Kittymuir.
024.10 A manufactory composed of wooden sheds and a brick kiln for making tiles for draining purposes. Wrought by Andrew Smith of Burnhead. The property of Captain McNeil Hamilton.

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