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OVERHALL MILL (Cotton) Overhall Cotton Mill Valuation Roll.
J.Mc Culloch, Lesee.
Jas. Whyte Pr, Overhall.
Thos. Hamilton, Inspector Of Poor.
023.16 A mill on the side of "Kype Water", used for spinning cotton into course yarn for weaving purposes. It is wrought by water from the "Kype" which turns the wheel at the south end of the building (mill) and thus sets the inner machinery in motion. It is the property of Mr Whyte of Overhall.
This mill is at present being enlarged. The lade is cut through rocks on the side of the cotton mill. There are but three women employed here, who along with the lessee, work the yarn.
TWEEDIE MILL (Corn) Tweedie Mill (corn) Valuation Roll.
Rent Roll.
Alexr. Scoullar, Miller.
J. McCulloch, Overhall Cotton Mill.
023.16 This is on the "Kype" side and is used for grinding oats, barley, and beans. There is no wheat whatever ground here.
It is the property of J.S. Lochart Esqr. of Castlehill.

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