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FAIRY BURN Fairy Burn.
Tweedie Burn.
Pharaoh Burn.
James Hamilton, Cot Castle.
D. Hamilton, Crumhaugh.
J. Miller Int: Strathaven.
J.Whyte. Pr of Tweediehall.
Boundary Documents Of Parish.
023.16 This burn rises on the lands of Law and, after pssing under the Ph. Road, on this trace, it forms the boundary between the proprietor of Tweediehall and Mr Lochart's property. Mr Whyte gives the name as "Tweedie Burn", and sometimes the bridge over it is named "Tweedie Burn Bridge", "Fairy Burn" is the better known name of the two, but either name might well be dispensed with. Mr Whyte would authorize "Tweedie Burn" or no name at all.

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