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OS1/21/54/1 SPRINGBURN [parish] Springburn Parish Springburn Parish Springburn Parish Springburn Parish Springburn Parish Summons of Erection & Disjunction Revd[Reverend J. Arthur Mr Robertson. Poor Law Inspector John Hay Registrar & Schoolmaster Sheriff's Returns 006; 007 This parish was, in May 1853, erected & disjoined from the Barony Parish of Glasgow; under the provisions of the Act 7th & 8th Victoria Cap. 444 entitled, "An Act to facilitate the disjoinng or dividing of extensive or populous parishes & the erecting of new parishes in that part of the United Kingdom called Scotland: And it is further enacted (Sect 6th) And whereas, in some large & populous parishes, which it may be considered necessary or proper to divide into two or more parishes, there are a number of poor persons, the greater portion of whom reside in or near the same locality, such locality being sometimes the least wealthy, whereby the particular territorial divisions of such large & populous parish, which would be most advantageous in other respects, would operate injuriously or unjustly if such of the new parishes into which it may be divided was left to provide from its own resources for that portion of the poor of the original parish resident within the territory of such new parish; be it enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Lords & Council of Session, if they see cause so to do in any judgement to be by them pronounced dividing or disjoining a parish, to declare & provide , that, nothwithstanding such division or disjunction, the original parish, & the several (new or separate parished thereby erected witin the bounds thereof, shall, in so far as regards the support & management of the poor, & all matters connected therewith, remain & be regarded as one parish." Those parts of the Barony Ph[Parish] of Glasgow between Springburn & Maryhill are the lands of the Milton Estate, which, on the erction of this Ph[Parish] were excluded to avoid oppositions from the proprietor W.T. T. Craword Esqr[Esquire]. A great portion of this parish is within the Royal Burgh of Glasgow & Springburn & Balgray Brae villaged are the only ones in the parish of any importance.
OS1/21/54/1 Header: Lanarkshire Springburn Parish [Page] 1 A note added reads as follows: "There are no detached portions of this parish - On the N [north] fo the parish- abuttingon the parish boundary are 3 portions of the parish of Barony." a further note has been crossed out.
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OS1/21/54/3 SPRINGBURN [village] Springburn Springburn Springburn Springburn Springburn Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Meikleham's Map Revd.[Reverend] J. Arthur J Hay, Schoolmaster 006.03 A suburban village within the Royalty of Glasgow, chiefly occupied by the laboring classes. There are a few streets in it, regularly named & numbered, & lighted from the City Gas Works. There is a City Police Force stationed at Springvale, whose range extends to the end of Springburn Road - where "Balgray Brae" & Springburn join, a Roman Catholic chapel, a U.P. Church, three schools, & a Post Office in the village. Springburn & "Balgray Brae" are separated, or join, at a small public house, where the public[underlined] road from "Balgray Brae"joins "Springburn Road".
OS1/21/54/3 SPRINGBURN ROAD Springburn Road Springburn Road Springburn Road Springburn Road Valuation roll Corner Ticket Wm.[William Barr Inspector of Police Peter Shearer, Factor 006.03 This name applies to the whole of the Turnpike road from the end of Castle Street at St. Rollox in Glasgow, to the Post Office at Springburn. The numbering of the houses commences from the end of Castle Street, & is continued on the west side of the road to Springburn P.O [Post Office]; crossing the road they are numbered back to the point from which they began. As the main, or principal street of Springburn, and according to the corner tickets & the authorities, the name cannot be said to apply further than it is written on the Examination Trace - i.e. between Flemington Cottage & the Post Office. The first corner ticket in Springburn (coming from Glasgow) is on the house at the corner of "Hill St."; the last, on a house opposite the P.O[Post Office]. "Centre & Hill Streets" are off "Springburn Road." The R.C. School is about the centre of it - on the east side.
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OS1/21/54/4 CENTRE STREET [Springburn] Centre Street Centre Street Centre Street Valuation Roll Corner Ticket Wm.[William] Barr, Inspector of Police 006.03 A street off "Springburn Road." There is nothing but dwelling houses of the poorest description in it -excepting the school.
OS1/21/54/4 CHURCH [Springburn] Church Church Church Summons of Erection & Disjunction Revd. [Reverend] J. Arthur John Hay, Schoolmaster 006.03 This was erected in 1842 by an Est.[Established] Church building society, as a Chapel of Ease to the Barony Ph;[Parish] Church. It contains 750 seats & has a handsome spire 50 feet high. Revd. [Reverend] J. Arthur Incumbent. On the Erection & Disjunction of Springburn from the Barony Parish of Glasgow, this church was constituted the Ph.[Parish] Church of Springburn, under the provisions of the Act 7th & 8th Victoria Cap.44 (Sect.[Section] 4th)" That if, in any process for disjoining or dividing a parish, it shall be shewn, to the satisfaction of the Lords of Concil & Session. that there is already built or erected. & in good repair, a church or place of worship, suitable for the church of the new parish proposed to be created, & capable of being lawfully appropriated to that purpose, whereby the expense of erecting a new or additional church will not be incurred by the heritors,& that the titulars, or others having right to the teinds out of which is to be paid not less than three fourths of the additional stipend or stipends, to be modified by reason of such disjunction or division, have consented therto, or have stated no objections thereto, after due intimation by direction of the Lords of Council & Session to them given." This church is situated in an enclosure, not at present and used as a burial ground.
OS1/21/54/4 HILL STREET [Springburn] Hill Street Hill Street Hill Street Valuation Roll Corner Ticket Wm.[William] Barr, Inspector of Police 006.03 A street or road off "Springburn Road". The R.C. [Roman Catholic" Chapel & the Est.[Established ] Church are in this street.
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OS1/21/54/5 EDGEFAULD Edgefauld Edgefauld Edgefauld Valuation Roll Post Office Directory J Neil Factor 006.03 A superior dwelling house occupied by two families. The property of Mrs. Duncan
OS1/21/54/5 EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW RAILWAY Edinburgh & Glasgow Ry[Railway] Edinburgh & Glasgow Ry[Railway] Edinburgh & Glasgow Ry[Railway] Murray's Time Table William Paton.,Manager M.Gillies, Clerk 006.03 A line of railway from Glasgow to Edinburgh. The electric telegraph is on the east side. At Cowlairs on this line there are extensive buildings for making & repairing everything in connection with the railway. The station at Cowlairs does not appear on the time tables etc.
OS1/21/54/5 SIGHTHILL BRANCH RAILWAY Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway(Sighthill Branch) Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway(Sighthill Branch) Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway(Sighthill Branch) Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway(Sighthill Branch) A. Miles manager at Sighthill William Paton manager at Cowlairs M. Gillies clerk 006.03 A branch of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway from Cowlairs to Sighthill, used solely for goods. There is a large depot at Sighthill in connection with this branch. There is not an electric telegraph on it. "Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway" might well be dispensed with on plan, from the line being well known as "Sighthill Branch". The name "Edinburgh & Glasgow" seems to be used only as belonging to that company.
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OS1/21/54/6 COWLAIRS ROAD [Springburn] Cowlairs Road Cowlairs Road Cowlairs Road Valuation Roll Corner Ticket William Barr Inspector of Police 006.03 The road through Springvale, from "Springburn Road" to Cowlairs works, ending where the railway bridge & the station Ho.[House] are over it at Cowlairs. Near where it joins "Springburn Road", there is ground to let for building on the north side of it. The origin of this name is not known to the best authorities in the neighbourhood.
OS1/21/54/6 SPRINGVALE Springvale Springvale Springvale Springvale Springvale Valuation Roll Post Office Directory William Barr Inspector of Police Peter Shearer, Factor J. Hay Schoolmaster 006.03 A suburban district, or village, fast becoming considerable from the manufactories in & about it. There are five City policemen stationed here for duty between Sighthill & Springburn. The street, or road, through it is lighted from the city & the houses are at present being numbered. There is a cotton mill & a patent file work in Springvale. The Cowlairs works give employment to the greater portion of the inhabitants. Springvale extends from Cowlairs to "Springburn Road", & those houses between the corner of "Cowlairs Road" & the Sighthill Branch
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OS1/21/54/6 United Presbyterian Church, Wellfield and Wellfield Cottage are on the Transcription grid but are not on this page. Notification sent. They have now been removed from this grid and appear on page 16.
OS1/21/54/7 COTTON MILL [Springburn] Cotton mill Cotton Mill Cotton Moll Valuation Roll J. Findlay Pr[Proprietor] J Lawson Manager 006.03 A large manufactory emplying beteween two & three hundred women. There is nothing but cotton spinning here by machinery. Wrought by Findlat & Bryson
OS1/21/54/7 FILE WORKS [Springburn] File Works or Manufactory File Works or Manufactory File Works or Manufactory Occuopant's Card J. McKinnon Foreman Mr. Ross File Manufacturer 006.03 A patent file manufactory worked by macinery. Wrought by Ross & Young.
OS1/21/54/7 POLICE STATION [Springburn] Police Station Police Station Police Station Valuation Roll W. Barr Inspector of Police J. Hay Schoolmaster 006.03 A good dwelling house with a well kept flower garden in front. Occupied by the Police Force stationed here. There is no Court for magistrates to sit here. Prisoners etc. are brought to Glasgow for trial.
OS1/21/54/7 SPRINGVALE HOUSE Springvale House Springvale House Springvale House Valuation Roll Post Office Directory J. Findlay Pr[Proprietor] 006.03 A superiotr dwelling house with the front looking towards "Springburn Road." Occupied by the Pr.[Proprietor] J. Findlay.
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OS1/21/54/8 COWLAIRS COTTAGE Cowlairs Cottages Cowlairs Cottages Cowlairs Cottages Valuation Roll M. Gilles, Clerk J Hay Schoolmaster 006.03 A regulare row of cottages nearly parallel to the railway, having small outhouses attached to each. Occupied by railway servants. The property of the Ed. [Edinburgh] & Glasgow Railway Co.[Company]
OS1/21/54/8 COWLAIRS STATION Cowlairs Station Cowlairs Station Cowlair Station Cowlairs Station Station board Williwm Paton Manager M. Gillies, Clerk J.H. Robb Stst.[Station] Master 006.03 This name does not appear in the Time Tables. It is the first Station on the Ed[Edinburgh] & Glasgow Railway. All trains from Edinburgh stop here to take the tickets. The Sta.[Station] house is wood. It is exactly over the "Cowlairs Road" where it passes under the bridge to the works.
OS1/21/54/8 COWLAIRS WORKS Cowlairs Works Cowlairs Works Cowlairs Works Cowlairs Works Valuation Roll M. Gilles, Clerk W. Paton, Manager J.H. Robb Stat.[Station] Master 006.03 Extensive buildings for making, repairing & doing everything connected with railway traffic. There are, on an average, 500 men constantly employrd under the superintendence of the manager-W. Paton Esq. A portion of the works is in Maryhill Ph[Parish] From Cowlairs to Glasgow the Edinburgh & Glasgow Ry. [Railway] runs through long tunnels. There is also a steep incline on the line before entering the tunnels at a short distance from Cowlairs. The trains have ropes attached here for the incline. The rails are very closely laid all about the works. All trains from Glasgow are telegraphed to Cowlairs at the time of starting. There is a signal house at about a chain's distance from the station , by which the signal on it is turned from Glasgow when trains leave the latter.
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OS1/21/54/8 The page title is Cowlairs Cottages while the Transciption Title is Railway Cottage( i.e. singular) Notification sent.
OS1/21/54/9 ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL [Springburn Rd] R.C. [Roman Catholic] School R.C. [Roman Catholic] School R.C. [Roman Catholic] School Revd.[Reverend] A. Reid James Curran Teacher James Hay Ph[Parish] Schoolmaster (Murdoch's) 006.03 A room on the ground floor of a house in "Springburn Road", rented, or let, to the Catholic Assocaition, & used as a school. It has been in use as a school for a few years, but wing to the frequent change of teachers is often idle. There is every probability of the room being kept for school purposes.
OS1/21/54/9 SCHOOL [Centre St, Springburn] School School School Valuation Roll R. Malcolm, teacher J Hay, Schoolmaster of Murdoch's 006.03 A room on the ground floor of a house in "Centre Street." It is entirely an adventure school, deriving no support from the parish. It was, until the last two years, under the direction of a committee of influential persons of the neighbourhood. A school has been kept here for upwards of fourteen years, & it is very probable that it may again be patronised
OS1/21/54/9 ST ALOYSIUS' R.C. CHAPEL Saint Aloysius' R.C.[Roman Catholic] Chapel Saint Aloysius' R.C.[Roman Catholic] Chapel Saint Aloysius' R.C.[Roman Catholic] Chapel Roman Catholic Directory Revd.[Reverend] A.Reid, Incumbent J. Hay Ph.[Parish] Schoolmaster (Murdoch's) 006.03 A good stone building about 14 years old. The south side faces"Hill Street." There is no gate from the street. Revd.[Reverend] A. Reid, Incumbet. There are 400 seats, upon the authority of the Catholic Directory, in this chapel.
OS1/21/54/9 Header: Lanarkshire Springburn Parish [Page] 9 Under the Place Entry there is a note saying "No. of sittings required"
OS1/21/54/9 The note about No of sttings required appears to have been answered.
OS1/21/54/10 BALGRAY BRAE Balgray Brae Balgray Brae Balgray Brae Balgray Brae Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Revd.[Reverend] J. Arthur Ph.[Parish] Minister J. Hay Schoolmaster of Murdoch's 006.03 A gradual, but steep incline, or brae, extending from "Balgray Tower" to the north end of "Springburn Road." The name applies to the road between the above mentioned, & also, to all the houses on the east side of the brae - the road.
OS1/21/54/10 FLEMINGTON COTTAGE Flemington Cottage Flemington Cottage Flemington Cottage Valuation Roll John Reid, Occupier John Hay Schoolmaster of Murdoch's 006.03 A neat & superior cottage having outhouses, used for farm purposes, attached. There are two gates belonging to, and used for the cottage. It is the property of Mr. J. Lockart.
OS1/21/54/10 SCHOOL [Balgray Brae, Springburn] School School School Valuation Roll Miss Petrie, Teacher J. Hay Schoolmaster of Murdoch's 006.03 A roo on the ground floor of a house in "Balgray Brae." It is wholly an adventure school, & has never received any other support than that derived from the pupils. It is attended by females. Miss Petrie, teacher.
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OS1/21/54/11 MURDOCH'S SCHOOL Murdoch's Institution Murdoch's Institution Murdoch's Institution David Gow Asst'[Assistant] Toen Clerk Revd [Reverend] J. Arthur J. Hay, Schoolmaster 006.03 A large school house built from the funds of a charitable bequest of 5000£, left in 1824 by J. Murdoch, Esquire, Merchant in Glasgow, "To be laid out in lands for the maintenance of a school for boys, for reading, writing ,& arithmetic, to be under the management of the City Magistrates & the Ministers of the Est.[Established] Church." A Charter of Incorporation was granted in 1841 to the Trustees & their Successors "For incorporating them into one free & independent Incorporation or Body Politic, by the name, style, & title of 'Murdoch's School', with power to use a common seal, & to hold property; & to sue, & to be sued, under the said name;to make bye-laws & regulations; & to do all other lawful acts & deeds as to them shall seem just & proper; or to do otherwise as her Majesty should seem meet" Since the Incorporation of the Trustees, the school "Institution" has been open to both sexes, & is, with the above exceptions, considered the Parish School of Springburn, since the parish was created from the Barony Ph.[Parish] of Glasgow. The schoolmaster's salary is paid from the Kirk Session of Springburn Est.[Established] Church. Repairs, or alterations in the school house are defrayed from the funds of the bequest. There are two schools in Glasgow under the same rules, & erected from the same funds as this school, or "Institution."
OS1/21/54/11 Header: Lanarkshire Springburn parish [Page] 11 "Murdoch's School2- See Name Sheets of VI.11.23, Glasgow.
OS1/21/54/12 BALGRAY TOWER Balgray Tower Balgray Tower Balgray Tower Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Mr. J. Breeze 006.03 A very remarkable building of modern construction having a good view of the surrounding neighbourhood. It is a square built house, one story high, having two towers on the west, or fornt side. The outer one is of an octagonal shape, & about 40 feet high. The inner tower is round, & is built on the east side of the octagon. It is about 20 feet higher than the octagonal tower. The property of Mr. J. Breeze.
OS1/21/54/12 BALGRAYBRAE COTTAGE Balgraybrae Cottage Balgraybrae Cottage Balgraybrae Cottage Valuation Roll J. McEwen, Occupier P. Shearer, Factor 006.03 A superior cottage about 200 links east of the Brae. The name is well known & always applied to the cottage. The property of Mr. J. Lawson
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OS1/21/54/13 BALGRAY COTTAGE Balgray Cottage Balgray Cottage Balgray cottage Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Peter Shearer 006.03 A superior cottage occupied by Captn.[Captain] Small. The property of Mr. J. Reid.
OS1/21/54/13 EDGEFAULD COTTAGE Edgefauld Cottage Edgefauld Cottage Edgefauld Cottage Valuation Roll Mrs Menzies Occupier P. Shearer 006.03 A superior cottage. The property of Mrs. Duncan
OS1/21/54/13 EDGEFAULD LODGE Edgefauld Lodge Edgefauld Lodge Edgefauld Lodge Valuation Roll Post Office Directory J. Hitchison Occupier 006.03 A small house, well known by the name. The property of Mrs. Duncan
OS1/21/54/13 ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH OFFICE [Springburn] Electric Telegraph Office Electric Telegraph Office Electric Telegraph Office William Paton, Manager M. Gillies Clerk J. Cooke Clerk 006.03 A room with everything required for telegraphic purposes. It is in an engine house on the east side of the line at the south end of the works.
OS1/21/54/13 JANEFIELD Janefield Janefield Janefield Valuation roll Meikleham's Map William Brown Pr.[Proprietor] 006.03 A superior dwelling house with a good garden & some out-houses attached. The property of William Brown.
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OS1/21/54/14 BALGRAY Balgray Balgray Balgray Valuation Roll Robert Miller,Occupier P. Shearer Factor 006.03 A farm steading. The better dwelling house is occupied by a person not connectd with the steading. The property of Mr. Reid
OS1/21/54/14 BALGRAY BANK Balgray Bank Balgray Bank Balgray Bank Valuation Roll Post Office Directory H. Findlay, Occupier 006.03 A superior cottage with a good garden attached. The property of Mr. Reid-Wellfield.
OS1/21/54/14 BALGRAY HOUSE Ba;gray House Balgray House Balgray House Valuation Roll Peter Shearer J. Hay, Schoolmaster 006.03 A superior dwelling house at present unoccupied. The proprietor once called it Balgray Cottage, but was compelled to change it by the proprietor of "Balgray Cottage", in order to distinguish it from the numerous "Balgrays" in the neighbourhood. It is not built in the style of a cottage. The property of Mr. Dalgleish.
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OS1/21/54/15 ARN COTTAGE Arn Cottage Arn Cottage Arn Cotage Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Peter Shearer, Factor 006.03 A neat cottage, recently built. The property of Mr. J. Reid
OS1/21/54/15 CROFTBANK Croftbank Croftbank Croftbank Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Peter Shearer, Factor 006.03 A good dwelling house occupied by different persons. The property of Mr. J. Reid
OS1/21/54/15 HILL HOUSE Hill House Hill House Hill House Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map Revd.[Reverend] J. Arthur 006.03 A superior dwelling house with offices & garden attached, occupied by the Est.[Established] Church Minister of Springburn, Revd.[Reverend] J. Arthur. The property of Mr. J. Reid.
OS1/21/54/15 Possil Burn Possil Burn Described and authorities quoted in name sheets for Maryhill Parish
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OS1/21/54/15 Added Written Possil Burn to grid
OS1/21/54/16 WELLFIELD Wellfield Wellfield Wellfield Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Peter Shearer, Factor 006.03 A superior house with office garden & some ornamental grounds attached. The property of, & occupied by, Mr. J. Reid
OS1/21/54/16 WELLFIELD COTTAGE Wellfield Cottage Wellfield Cottage Wellfield Cottage Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Peter Shearer, Factor 006.03 A superior cottage occupied by the R.C[Roman Catholic] Chapel Incumbent-Revd.[Reverend] A Reid. The property of Mr J. Reid.
OS1/21/54/16 U.P.CHURCH U.P.[United Presbyterian] Church U.P.[United Presbyterian] Church U.P.[United Presbyterian] Church Valuation Roll Revd.[Reverend] J. Arthur John Hay, Schoolmaster 006.03 A good stone building recently built by the United Presbyterians in the district. It contains about 400 sittings. At present there is no minister appointd to it.
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OS1/21/54/17 ROBROYSTON LOCH Robroyston Loch Robroyston Loch Robroyston Loch Robroyston Loch Estate Maps J. Blackley, Factor J. Russell, Estate Steward, Cadder William Hannah, Robroyston House 006.04 This loch is now so mingled with the cultivated ground around, that its original bounds are entirely obliterated. From the drain to the Ph.[Parish] boundary it is at present under cultivation. the ara. [arable] field south of the drain is recognised as part of the loch, but further south than this, is not remembered. The portion in Cadder Parish is better defined, owing to the ground in it being kept for coarse meadow land. It is however intended to cultivate that also. There is a tradition in the heighbourhood, that Sir Wm. [William] Wallace threw his sword into this loch, after he was betrayed, "before his hands were bound." He was taken at Robroyston - about 1/2 amile distant from the loch. See descritpion in Name Sheets of adjoning parishes.
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OS1/21/54/18 CALEDONIAN RAILWAY Caledonian Railway (Glasgow & Garnkirk Section) Caledonian Railway (Glasgow & Garnkirk Section) Caledonian Railway (Glasgow & Garnkirk Section) Caledonian Railway (Glasgow & Garnkirk Section) Caledonian Railway (Glasgow & Garnkirk Section) Caledonian Railway Caledonian Railway Engineer's Map of Railway G. Graham Engineer of Railway William Beattie, Clerk A. Bankier, Steps Station Time Table Described in Name Sheets adjoining parishes 006.04 A line of railway from Glasgow to Carlisle. The "Glasgow & Garnkirk Section" seems to be known only to the Railway officials. In Time Table the "Garnkirk Section" does not appear, all on it being under the head of "Caledonian [ Ry. Railway]." The "Glasgow & Garnkirk Section" is the name according to Act of Parliament. It extends to Whifflet in Old Monkland Ph.[Parish]; X From St. Rollox in Glasgow to Milton in Maryhill Parish, is the "Glasgow & Garkirk Section". X that part of it being wholly used for carriage of minerals. From Milton to the station in Buchanan St.[Street] was made by the Caledonian Company & is commonly called, the "Glasgow Extension." The engineer of the line does not think the "Extension " worthy of any distinction, "Caledonian" being sufficient. The "Glasgow & Garnkirk Section" applies to the wholeline of railway from St. Rollox in glasgow to Whifflet in Old Monkland Parish.
OS1/21/54/18 LOW BALORNOCK Low Balornock Low Balornock Low Balornock Valuation Roll A. Menzies Pr.[Proprietor] James Armour Manager 006.04 A very superior farm steading, occupied by the proprietor A. Menzies Coach Ph.[Parish] Glasgow.
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OS1/21/54/18 Suspect that the part between X and X should come after the "carriage of minerals"
OS1/21/54/19 BARONY Barony Parish of Glasgow Barony Parish of Glasgow Barony Parish of Glasgow Barony Parish of Glasgow Barony Parish of Glasgow Barony Parish of Glasgow Summons of Erection & Disjunction Old Statistical Account Mr. Robertson Poor Law Inspector Revd. [Reverend] J. Arthur John Hay, Schoolmaster Sheriff's Returns etc. 006.04; 006.08; 007.01 These portions of the Barony parish of Glasgow situated between the parishes of Springburn & Maryhill, were originally intended to be included in Springburn Parish on its erection. They are the lands of Milton Estate, the property of W.S.S. Crawford Esquire. The proprietor of Milton previous to the erection of Maryhill purchased his teind from the Titulars of Barony - the Crown. On the erection of Maryhill he, (W.S.S.Crawford Esq.[Esquire] ) had again to pay teind towards the stipend of the minister of that parish. On the erection of Springburn Mr. Crawford intimated that he would oppose the erection, if it proposed to include any of his property, & to avoid this opposition his lands were excluded, & retained in the original parish, part of which they now form. There are no other parts of the Barony Ph.[Parish] of Glasgow within the 25 mile boundary. The original parish has been divided into smaller parishes, separate & distinct in every respect, except Poors' Rates, which, are still regulated as formerly by the Barony Parochial Poor Law Inspector
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OS1/21/54/21 MONKLAND CANAL Monkland Canal Monkland Canal Monkland Canal Monkland Canal Monkland Canal Rules & Bre Laws Meikleham's Map Froest's Co.[County] Map J. Milne Canal Superintendent M. Thompson- Lock Manager 006.08 "An artificial navigable communication between the City of Glasgoe & the district of Monkland in Lanarkshire. It commences in the northern suburbs of Glasgow, or rhather is prolonged westward there into junction at Port Dundas with the Glasgow Branch of the Forth & Clyde Canal. It sends off four branches - one about a mile in length to Calder Ironworks, near Airdrie in New Monkland Ph.[Parish]; one, about a mile in length to Gartsherrie Ironworks; one about 1/4 mile in length to Dundyvan Ironworks; & one also about 1/4 mile in length to Langloan Ironworks, all in New Monkland." Gazeteer of Scotland. This canal is not navigable to vessels with masts owing to the bridges not being raised, as on the Forth & Clyde. There are four splendid locks at Blackhill by which a rise of 96 feet has been got over. At Netherhouse in Old Monkland there is a swinging bridge - the only moveable one on this canal.
OS1/21/54/21 Header: Lanarkshire Springburn Parish [Page] 21 A man's profile, complete with beard has been sketched on this page.
OS1/21/54/22 BLACKHILL COTTAGE Blackhill Cottage Blackhill Cottage Blackhill Cottage Valuation Roll Mat.[Matthew] Thompson, Manager of Locks J. Milne, Canal Superintendent 006.08 A neat & superior cottage occupied by the pverseer & manager of the locks. The property of th Forth & Clyde Canal Co.[Company].
OS1/21/54/22 BLACKHILL LOCKS Blackhill Locks Blackhill Locks Blackhill Lochs Blackhill Locks J. Milne Canal Superintendent Mat.[Matthew] Thompson Manager Dugald McDugald Lock Keeper Co's.[Company's] Map of canal 006.08 Four double locks on the Monkland Canal numbered from east to west, each having "North & South" ( without respect to their position) written upon the middle gates. There are two chambers in each lock; each chamber having an ascent of 12 ft.; & in each lock 24 feet. The height of the ascent from the level at No. 4 to the level at No. 1 is 96 feet. From the top level there is a branch to the top of the incline, running parallel with the locks. The "Branch" as it is now called, is the original line of the Monkland, used before the locks were made for the same purpose as at present. The incline is used for carrying boats up & down during the summer months, when the reservoirs fail in supplying sufficient water to bring them through the locks. It has a double line of rails, by which, the machines carrying the boats , run on. There is an engine at the top of the incline for drawing the machine up or down. There is a graving dock, & a workshop etc, connected with it, at the top level. The dock is used for building canal boats, & is connected with the Branch by a sluice gate. Several dwellings are also connected with the locks, they are occupied by men working the lock gates.
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OS1/21/54/23 MOLENDINAR BURN Molendinar Burn Molendinar Burn Moendinar Burn Molendinar Burn Molendinar Burn or Molindinar Molindinar Burn Molindinar Burn Mollindeaner Burn Molendinar Burn Smith & Collies Map of Glasgow Post Office Directory Map A. Turner Es.[Esquire] Town Clerk David Gow Assistant Toen Clerk Gazeteer of Scotland Summons of Disjunction of Springburn Adam Strang, Bleacher, Hogganfield Forest's County Map Adopted on 1/500 scale-Glasgow 006.08 A burn which rises from Frankfield Loch & flows into Hogganfield Loch, passing out of the latter by a sluice. This burn may be considered a great mill lead, being used for mills & various manufactories along its whole course. It is first made use of at the Bleachfield near Hogganfield; next at Provan Mill & Mill and Distillery; again at a bleachfield near Burnbank(VI-8 Trace 4). but out of 25 mile by.[Boundary]: It is also used at the Sub Dean Mill in Rygate & other manufactories in the city. It is a good width in the city, but is covered over for a considerable distance, before it enters the Clyde at Hutchison's Bridge. There is a variety of spelling for this name, which is commonly pronounced as given in Forest's Co.[County] Map. The best authorities that could be obtained are given.
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OS1/21/54/24 GARROWBANK Garrowbank Garrowbank Garrowbank Valuation Roll Post Office Directory N. Stevenson Pr [Proprietor]. 006.08 A superior dwelling house having a neat garden & entered from the T.P.[ Turnpike] road by a good gate. Occupied by the Pr.[Proprietor] N. Stevenson
OS1/21/54/24 HAWTHORNDEN Hawthornden Hawthornden Hawthornden Valuation Roll Post Office Directory Mr. Smith Pr. [Proprietor] 006.08 A superior cottage on the side of the Turnpike Road occupied by the Pr. [Proprietor] Mr. Smmith
OS1/21/54/24 RIDDRIE Riddrie Riddrie Riddrie Estate Maps Valuation Roll J. Turnbull Pr.[Proprietor] 006.08 A poor farm steading without garden or stackyard etc attached, occupied by farm servants in the employment of the proprietor Mr J. Turnbull.
OS1/21/54/24 RIDDRIE COTTAGE Riddrie Cottage Riddrie Cottage Riddrie Cottage Valuation Roll J. Turnbull Pr.[Proprietor] T. Black Occupier 006.08 A good cottage on the farm of Riddrie The property of J. Turnbull.
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OS1/21/54/25 BLOCHAIRN Blochairn Blochairn Blochairn Estate Map Valuation Roll William Young Occupier 006.08 A good farm steading the property of Lady Baillie
OS1/21/54/25 BLOCHAIRN IRON WORKS Blochairn Iron Works Blochairn Iron Works Blochairn Iron Works Blochairn Iron Works Valuation Roll Company's Card John Broom Manager Walter Yeatts, Clerk 006.08 A large slate roofed shed supported by iron pillars at the sides, & through the interior of it. Where the divisions are shown on the west side, it is built with brick. This establishment is chiefly used for refining iron, or making malleable iron from pig or cast tron. the furnaces for refining are in the shed. There are blast furnaces in the yard for producing iron from the mineral, bur they are seldom used, most of the cast metal used being made at other places. There are also square built kilns in the yard for melting dross etc. There are between four & 500 men employed. Wrought by the Co. [Company] Broomlie, Broom & Kerr. Several dwelling houses north of this are occupied by the workmen & commonly called after the works. There is no proper name given to them yet by the proprietors.
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OS1/21/54/26 BLACKHILL HOUSE Blackhill House Blackhill House Blackhill house Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map Mrs William Gilp Pr.[Proprietrix] 006.08 A superior dwelling house with curiously laid out grounds & garden. Occupied by Mrs William Gilp Pr.[Proprietrix]
OS1/21/54/26 BURNBANK Burnbank Burnbank Burnbank Valuation Roll J. Wallace Pr.[Proprietor] W.Stewart - Kennyhill See 1/500 scale plan VI.9.21- 006.08 A two storied dwelling house occupied by workmenemployed in the burnbank bleachfield a short distance south of this. The property of J. Wallace, Bleacher etc. The bleachfield is on 1/500 scale.
OS1/21/54/26 KENNYHILL DISTILLERY Kennyhill Distillery Kennyhill Distillery Kennyhill Distillery Kennyhill Distillery R. Stewart pr.[Proprietor] W. Stewart W. Waller, Cooper R. Ingles Supervisor of Excise 006.08 A very large building on the side of the Monkland Canal near Blochairn Iron Works. There are 20 men employed here & about six revenue officers temporarily stationed. All the apparatus for distilling malt whiskeyis used here. Wrought by the proprietor R. Stewart, Whiskey Distiller.
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OS1/21/54/27 HOGGANFIELD BLEACHFIELD Hogganfield Bleachfield Hogganfield Bleachfield Hogganfield Bleachfield Hogganfield Bleachfield Valuation Roll Samuel Stirling Manager Company's Card A. Strang - Bleacher etc 006.08 A large manufactory for bleaching linen & cotton & dressing gingham. There is no bleach field attached or used for that purpose. Formerly, when the work required it, the bleachfields were those two small arable fields on each side of the occupation road from the Turnpike Road to the buildings. All bleaching done here now, is by machinery etc, inside the buildings, It is owing to the description of work done at present that there are no bleachfields[underlined] attached. The company would resort to bleaching outside if the trade required it. According to Mr. Strang, the Co.[Company] are as likely to do, if necessary, outdoor, as indoor bleaching. Wrought by Strang & Co.[Company]
OS1/21/54/27 RIDDRIE PARK Riddrie Park Riddrie Park Riddrie Park Riddrie Park Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map Archibald Colquhoun Pr.[Proprietor] William Turnbull 006.08 A superior house with offices attached for farming. There is a good garden a little north belonging to it. Occupied by the Proprietor Archibald Colquhoun.
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OS1/21/54/28 BLACKHILL Blackhill Blackhill Blackhill Valuation Roll Estate Map John Padden Occupier 006.08 A farm steading overlooking the locks on the Monkland Canal, which are named after the property of Blackhill. The property of Mrs McGilp.
OS1/21/54/28 MILE-END DISTILLERY Mile-end Distillery Mile-end Distillery Mile-end Distillery Mile-end Distillery R. Ingles, Supervisor of Excise Moses Risk, Distiller J. Blackley, Factor Valuation Roll 006.08 A large building having all the necessary apparatus for distilling Malt Whiskey. It employs about a dozen men constantly. There are also half a dozen Excise Officersc onstantly employed & temporarily stationed here. It is the property of W.S.S. Crawford Esquire, & is let to Moses Risk Distiller.
OS1/21/54/28 SMITHY CROFT Smithy Croft Smithy Croft Smithy Croft Wiliam Turnbull Pr.[Proprietor] Valuation Roll Forrest's County Map 006.08 A farm steading on the side of the Monkland Canal occupied by the Pr.[Proprietor] William Turnbull. There is an ova lshaped Toll house & a Toll gate on the Turnpike road near the farm. There is also a bridge (wood) over the Monkland Canal called after the farm steading.
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OS1/21/54/29 PROVAN MILL (Corn) Provan Mill (Corn) Provan Mill (Corn) Provan Mill (Corn) Provan Mill (Corn) Provan Mill (Corn) Valuation Roll Estate Maps Forest's Co.[County] Map Alexander Turnbull, Miller John Paden - Blackhill 006.08 A large mill the property of the City of Galsgow, wrought by Alexander Turnbull. It is entirely used for grinding oats & barley. This name is well known & is often commonly applied to the whole of the houses in the neighbourhood. It does not however, apply further than the lands of Milton( Barony) & the arable field east of Provan Mill House; and also the ara.[arable] field south of the mill. There are two dams - one for the mill & the other for Mile-end Distillery. They are supplied from Hogganfield Loch by the Molendinar Burn.
OS1/21/54/29 PROVAN MILL HOUSE Provan Mill House Provan Mill House Provan Mill House Provan Mill House Valuation Roll J. Campbell Occupier Moses Risk, Distiller John Paden, Blackhill 006.08 A superior dwelling house on the lands of Provan Mill, having a good garden & a lawn attached. The property of the City of Glasgow.
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OS1/21/54/30 BROOMFIELD Broomfield Broomfield Broomfield Valuation Roll Estate Map John Currie 006.08 A farm steading partly occupied by servants kept by the farmer - A Menzies. The last dwelling house is let separately. The property of Lady Hamilton Montgomerie
OS1/21/54/30 GERMISTON HOUSE Germiston House Germiston House Germiston House Germiston House Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map John Currie -High Broomfield G.J. Faine, Occupier 006.08 A superior house with offices, garden & ornamental ground attached, occupied by Mr. Faine. The property of Dr. Laurence.
OS1/21/54/30 GERMISTON MAINS Germiston Mains Germiston Mains Germiston Mains Valuation Roll Andrew Menzies, Tenant James Armour, Manager 006.08 A farm steading occupied by servants employed by A. Menzies. The property of Dr. Laurence. D.D.
OS1/21/54/30 HIGH BROOMFIELD High Broomfield High Broomfiled High Broomfield Valuation Roll John Currie Occupier James Armour 006.08 An isolated house two storeys high occupied by laborers, The property of Lady Hamilton Montgomerie.
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OS1/21/54/31 KENNYHILL Kennyhill Kennyhill Kennyhill Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map W. Stewart Occupier 006.12 A farm steading in bad repair. The property of Mr R. Stirling.
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OS1/21/54/33 FREE CHURCH [Millerston] Free Church Free Church Free Church Valuation Roll Revd.[Reverend] J. Arthur, Springburn William Alexander, Mossbank 007.01 A good stone building capable of holding a congregation of about 400. It was but recently erected for the congregation of the Free Church in the district. There is no minister or manse to it yet. The village of Millerston includes the church & those houses on that side of the road, as well as the other side - in Shettleston Ph. [Parish]
OS1/21/54/33 HOGGANFIELD Hogganfield Hogganfield Hogganfield Estate Map Valuation Roll A. Findlay, Occupier 007.01 A good farm steading, the porperty of Mr. Morrison.
OS1/21/54/33 MOSSBANK Mossbank Mossbank Mossbank Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map William Alexander Pr.[Proprietor 007.01 A superior dwelling house having a good garden attached, Occupied by the proprietor Mr Alexander.
OS1/21/54/33 MOSSVALE Mossvale Mossvale Mossvale Valuation Roll Thomas Dunlop John Parker, Occupier 007.01 A farm steading recently named by the Pr. [proprietor]- Mr Bowstead.
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