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CALTON Calton Calton Calton J. Dunlop Esqr. R. Baird, Factor R Remis 007.13 A street off the principal road in Tollcross. It may be considered either a Street, (though not ticketed on the Census) or a district of Tollcross. The name is given from the locality being occupied by that class who generally live in the Caltons of larger Towns. It is well known in & about the neighborhood of Tollcross.
SCHOOL [nr U.P. Chuch, Shettleston] School School School J. Dunlop Esqr. R. Baird Factor R. Remis 007.13 This school is kept in the Session house of the U.P. Church, & is patronised by J. Dunlop Esqr. There is no support from the Ph, The Teacher's salary being derived from the Pupils.

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Lanarkshire Shettleston Parish

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