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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
EASTMUIR Eastmuir Eastmuir Eastmuir Eastmuir Eastmuir Revd. J. Leckie R. Rae. Factor R. Law. Fernean Forests Co: Map Valuation Roll 007.13 This name applies to all the houses on each side of the road, between the Ph [Parish] Church & Crownhall. It forms the eastern division & extremity of Shettleston, & is always applied as the Eastmuir of the villiage of Shettleston. The name is taken from the houses being built on a muir which was there 25 years ago. It was called the Eastmuir of Shettleston before the houses were built, from the village having a Muir at the east & west extremities. "Westmuir" is now a village within the Parliamentary Boundary, but it formerly belonged to Shettleston village. The Post Office, A Roman Catholic Chapel & A Tile Works, are in "Eastmuir".
TILE WORKS [Shettleston Tile Works Tile Works Tile Works J. Anderson, Tile maker R. Mathers, Proprietor R. Law, Fernean 007.13 Wooden sheds having a kiln & a Pool, & an Engine attached for making Drain Tiles. Wrought by J. Anderson. The property of Mr. R. Mathers.

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