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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
G. Miller Esq Pr [Proprietor]
J. Murdoch, Factor
Mrs Murdoch
007.09 A new & superior cottage recently named by the proprietor G. Miller Esq. It is built on an old Farm Steading part of which is now in ruins. The original name of the Steading was "Laigh Queenslie" a name which is now commonly applied to the new cottage as well as the Steading, now in ruin. The name given by the proprietor will ultimately be used, as he wishes "Queenslie" to be dropped. It is taken from a family name.
Meikleham's Map
J. Murdoch, Carniehall [?]
J.G. Morison, Craigend
007.09 A good Farm steading. The property of the Heirs of Mrs Mathers.
Easter Queenslie
Easter Queenslie
Robert Alexander occupier
J. Murdoch
007.09 A good Farm steading. Formerly this name applied to an old Steading on Trace 6.VII-5. but since the house etc on this Trace has been built, the name has been transferred to it. The old Steading is known as being on the Lands of Easter Queenslie, but any distinctive name is entirely taken from it. There is a tradition in the neighborhood, that the origin of the name is from Queen Mary of Scotland having slept a night in the neighborhood, or even in the old Steading of Easter Queenslie. No authentic information can be obtained on the subject. The old steading is apparently of good age.
Wester Queenslie
Wester Queenslie
R. Mathers Pr [Proprietor]
J. Murdoch, Carn:Hall [?]
J.G. Morison, Craigend
007.09 A Farm steading occupied by servants in the employment of the Pr [Proprietor] R. Mathers.

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VII-9 Trace 2 [Situation for Cranhill]
VII-9 Trace 2 [Situation for Bertrohill]
VII-9 Trace 2 [Situation for Wester Queenslie]
VII-9 Trace 3 [Situation for Easter Queenslie]

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