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Provan Hall Continued,

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Of the "Hall", He merely says "The City acquired the Lands, Lordship, & Barony of Provan, from Sir Robert Hamilton of Silverton Hall, in 1652", - Five years later than the date on the Coat of Arms, & it is considered by the authorities that the initials are those of Sir R. Hamilton. In "Brown's History of Glasgow, Paisley, Greenock, & Port Glasgow", it is stated that, "The City acquired, in 1662, the Lands, Lordship, & Barony of Provan, from Sir R. Hamilton of Silverton Hill, & as Lords of the Manor, they annually nominate a gentleman of the neighborhood, Baillie of Provan, with all the powers of a Baron Baillie." There is a difference of 10 years between this & Clelland's, "There was a Charter granted by King Charles II, in 1669, in favour of the Magistrates of Glasgow, for the Barony of Provan, sold to them in 1652 by Sir R. Hamilton of Silverton Hill", And according to the same authority, "In the year 1729, the Magistrates & Council sold the Lands of Provan, consisting of 2012 acres, to Robert Lang & others, at the price of 64495£. 12s. Scots, being 5374£. 8s. 8d. sterling, besides a yearly a feu duty of 103£. 8s. sterling", Clellands Annals of Glasgow. Provan Hall is now the property (with the exception of the feu duty, on superiority) of Mrs Reston Mathers, who now occupies it. Her Grandfather - a Mr Buchanan purchased it, but at what particular date is not known, without referring to the Title Deeds.

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