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PROVAN HALL Provan Hall Estate Map R. Mathers, Occupier I.G. Morison, Craigend S. Hill Esqr Barlanark 007.06 This is at present used as a Farm Steading. It was formerly the Manor House of the Barony of Provan, the Heritable jurisdiction of which, is said to be still in the power of the Corporation of Glasgow, who annually nominate a Baillie whose principal duties now consist in regulating the Town's Mills & the water used for them, from Frankfield & Hogganfield Lochs. The exact date of this house, & when, or by whom it was first occupied, cannot be obtained without referring to various Documents & Titles in the hands of the Town Clerk of Glasgow & in the Hunterian Museum of the University. The houses forming the west part of the Steading are evidently old, the walls being nearly three feet thick. The dwelling house on the south, fronting the garden is not very remarkable in the inside or outside, owing to modern alterations & improvements. The house north of the dwelling is now used as a stable, the roofs of the lower floor are ached & the floor above them of the upper story is flagged, Both houses are two stories high. There is a small Courtyard enclosed, between the houses, by a wall similar in thickness to those of the houses. The wall connecting the west end of the houses is plain, & about 20 feet high. The east wall is the same height, but has Portholes on each side of an Arched Gateway, which is about the centre. There are steps on the inner side leading up to the Portholes. On the outer side, immediately over the gate, on the Arch, there was a triangular stone about 2ft 6in, long each side, It bears the emblems of a rose at each angle, & in the middle there are initials "R. H" in italic capitals,with the date "1647" between. It now lies on the top of the wall, having fallen out of its place, over the Archway, about two years ago. There is a very old Yew Tree between the east end of the stable & one of the outer offices. The garden in front / south of the dwelling, is terraced, having steps in the centre of each. In Historical Accounts of the Barony of Provan there is no mention made of the "Hall" The oldest of which there is any writing, as stated by L. Hill Esqr. connected with the "Hall" or "Barony of Provan" is a Bull of Pope Adrian 6th who reigned from January 1522 until Sept. 1523. This Bull, along with a modern copy, were presented by L. Hill Esqr. to the Hunterian Museum, where they may be seen at present. In "Clelland's Annals of Glasgow", there is no mention made (Turn over)

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