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OS1/21/51/1 RUTHERGLEN [burgh] Rutherglen Rutherglen Rutherglen Rutherglen Rutherglen Rutherglen Rutherglen Valuation Roll Estate Maps R Forrest Provost G Crawford Town Clerk New Statistical Accounts (--) Chalmer's Caledonia-P676 Fullarton's Gazetteer 010.04 The ancient Burgh of Rutherglen, which was made a Royal Burgh by King David 1st and confirmed by his grandson, William the Lion,some of whose charters are dated at Rutherglen. The town stands on the south side of the Clyde, at the distance of half a mile from the river" New Statistical Account.(--) The streets in the Town are (CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)
OS1/21/51/1 RUTHERGLEN [parish] Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Rutherglen Parish Valuation Roll Estate Map J.R. Reid Esquire G.Crawford Town Clerk New Statistical Account Chalmers Caledonia Sheriff's Returnes Old Statistical Account 006; 010; 011 "The Parish of Rutherglen takes its name from the ancient Burgh of Rutherglen" New Statistical Account. "It is in the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, and is bounded by the Clyde on the North, the Parish of Govan on the West, Cathcart on the South West, Carmunnock on the South, and Cambuslang on the East. The whole superficies of the parish is arable, and in general well enclosed, It occupies a very pleasant position in the vale of Clyde, forming the lower portions of the declivity of Cathkin Hills, and is beautifully diversified with a regular succession of small hills and dales, excepting near the river, where it forms itself into some very delightful and fertile plains" Gazetteer
OS1/21/51/1 Lanarkshire No.21 Rutherglen Parish Written in red under the Parish entry is the following: "There is nothing like a valey, at or near the town of Rutherglen, to which the Glen in the termination of the name can apply. The name may be derived from the British Rhwth-thir-glan, or Rhwth-ir-glan; signifying the open, or plain land, on the bank of the river, which is very applicable to the situation of Rutherglen; or it may be derived from the British Ruth-thir-glan, or Ruth-ir-glan, signifying the red land or the reddish-coloured and on the bank of the river which is strikingly applicable; as the soil is of a red colour all along the bank of the Clyde" Chalmer's Caledonia, Vol.3 P676 Note- There is not any portion of the Parish of Rutherglen detached within any other Parish nor is there any portion of any other Parish contained within the bounds of this Parish (Initials illegible) Under the entry for Rutherglen Burgh is written In character for Burghs returning Members to Parliament, see over page - R.H. Situation- X-4 Trace 4
OS1/21/51/2 DINS DIKES Din's Dykes Din's Dykes Din's Dykes Din's Dykes Dins Dikes Revd G Crawford, Town Clerk J Maxwell Auditor's Clerk J Allan Baillie New Statistical Account p 374 010.04 "About 100 yards to the south of the Main Street is a kind of lane known by the name of Din's Dykes.A circumstance which befell the unfortunate Queen Mary, immediately after her forces were routed at the battle of Langside,has ever since continued to characterize this place, with an indelible mark of opprobrium" Ure's History. Tradition has handed down "Din's Dykes" as being a short distance north of "Greenhill Road" or along the bottoms of the gardens belonging to the houses in "Main Street". There is no sign whatever of any lane and there does not appear to be any persons in the neighbourhood, except the authorities, who know the name or where it applies. As stated by Mr Crawford- "An antique gold ring was found 60 years ago where the name is written at the bottom of the garden of General J Spences house which stood opposite the Town House of Rutherglen. The ring was preserved, along with several old coins, by General Spence's Lady, who believed that it belonged to Queen Mary"
OS1/21/51/2 RUTHERGLEN [burgh] 010.04
OS1/21/51/2 Rutherglen Burgh continued from previous page ....regularly numbered, lighted, and paved. There are but a few of the streets on the outskirts of the town, shewn on the 25inch scale. The Borough B(oundar)y extends considerably beyond the town, there is also a Parliamentary Boundary. Written in red ink beneath the continued entry for Rutherglen Burgh is the following: "In the olden time Rutherglen was privileged to send a member to the Scottish Parliament, whose expenses were paid at the rate of 3s (--) per dieu during his attendance there. At the Union in 1707it had an equal share with Glasgow, Renfrew and Dumbarton in sending a representative to parliament; and since the passing of the Reform bill, it has been associated for the same purpose with Kilmarnock; Dumbarton; Port Glasgow and Renfrew"Fullarton's Gazatteer Vol2 p.627 "By the reform in parliament bill, the burghs of Kilmarnock, Port-Glasgow, Dumbarton, Rutherglen and Renfrew, send one member to the reformed parliament" New Statistical Account
OS1/21/51/3 RESERVOIR [Glasgow Water Works] Glasgow Water Works Glasgow Water Works Glasgow Water Works Thomas Robertson Manager of Engine works Alexander Loudon Overseer Gazettier of Scotland 006.16 A number of Basins for supplying the City of Glasgow with filtered water from the Clyde. Each Basin has 3 feet of sand through which the water passes previous to being filtered in covered wells which have water wheels for the purpose. From the wells the water is forced by steam engines on the north side of the Clyde, into the pipes for conveying it to the City. There are artificial embankments around each basin, and several round well houses for purifying purposes. There is also a dwelling house, at the south east of the works, occupied by the overseer of the men employed in changing the sand in the basins. "In 1806 An Act of Parliament was procured for incorporating a number of persons into a company by the name of the 'Glasgow Water Company' for supplying the City with filtered water from the Clyde" Gazettier About two years ago the water works came into the hands of the Town Council of Glasgow, by whom they are now regulated.
OS1/21/51/4 RESERVOIR [Glasgow Water Works] Reservoir Reservoir Reservoir Thomas Robertson Manager Alexander Loudon, Overseer Rules and Regulations 006.16 This is used for holding a supply of water during any seasons. It is on higher ground, and is much larger than any of the other reservoirs. The water is forced into it by the engines on the north side of the Clyde. It is irregularly shaped.
OS1/21/51/5 BLACKFAULDS Blackfaulds Blackfaulds Blackfaulds Estate Map Valuation Roll J. Allen Factor "Fald, Fauld, A fold, a sheep fold", Jamieson 010.03 A superior Farm Steading having an extensive vegetable garden and nursery attached. The property of N. Dixon Esqr.
OS1/21/51/5 MILLCROFT Millcroft Millcroft Millcroft J. Allen Factor P. McAuley, Clerk Estate Map 010.03 A new house on the side of the Turnpike Road. The name is not generally known but it is used by the proprietor who intends building on each side of it giving all the same name. The property of N. Dixon Esqr.
OS1/21/51/5 TORYGLEN Toryglen Toryglen Toryglen Estate Map Valuation Roll J. Allen Factor 010.03 A farm Steading occupied by servants employed by the Lessee - J. Pinkerton. The property of N. Dixon Esqr.
OS1/21/51/5 TORYGLEN PIT Toryglen Coal Pit Toryglen Coal Pit Toryglen Coal Pit Estate Map J. Allen, Factor P. McAuley 010.03 A Pit recently opened for Coals. The workings are not yet commenced. The property of N. Dixon Esqr.
OS1/21/51/6 NEWHOUSE Newhouse Estate Map Valuation Roll I Allen, Factor 010.03 A Farm house south of Westmuir Steading. The propertyof W. Dixon Esqr.
OS1/21/51/6 WEST QUARRIES West Quarries (Freestone) Estate Map N.White Esqr James Henderson, Foreman 010.03 Two quarries about 40 years old, one of them is wrought out. The other (south) is likely to last some time.The stone is of a very inferior description, bought by W Baird, The property of N.White Esqr, The name is well known. It is taken from the quarries being in the west of the parish, and west of Eastfield Quarries
OS1/21/51/6 WESTHOUSE Westhouse Valuation Roll N.C. Wallace G.Cunningham occupier 010.03 A thatched house well known by the name. The property of Mr Watt
OS1/21/51/6 WESTMUIR Westmuir Estate Map Valuation Roll J. Allen Factor 010.03 An old steading almost in ruin and occupied by servants. Lessee of the ground - J Pinkerton. The property W. Dixon Esqr.
OS1/21/51/7 POLMADIE BURN Polmadie Burn Polmadie Burn Polmadie Burn Polmadie Burn Polmadie Burn Plan of Parliamentary By. of Rutherglen George Crawford, Town Clerk N. C. Wallace, Bearlands P. McAuley, Print Works I. Allan, Rutherglen 010.03 This Burn rises on the west side of Cathkin House in Carmunnock and flowing past Rutherglen enters the River Clyde north west of Shawfield Printfield. From the point where "Mall's Muir Burn" joins it to where it enters the Clyde, it is called by the name given. It is also commonly called "Leimif's Burn" but that name is considered by the best authorities to be an improper one. It is however as well known as the name given.
OS1/21/51/8 WEST BURN West Burn West Burn West Burn West Burn Plan of Parliam; [Parliamentary] By. [Boundary] of Rutherglen George Crawford, Town Clerk Rutherglen John Allan, Rutherglen W.C. Wallace Bearlands 010.03 Part of a burn which rises near, or west side of Cathkin House in Carmunnock Parish, & enters the Clyde north west of "Shawfield Print Works." It is well known as West Burn between Burnside Weaving Factory, & thepoint where Mall's Mire Burn joins it.
OS1/21/51/8 NEWFIELD Newfield See 1/500 Name lists
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OS1/21/51/9 MALL'S MIRE BURN Mall's Mire Burn Mall's Mire Burn Mall's Mire Burn Maul's Myre Estate Map J. Allen , Factor W.C.Wallace, Bearlands Ure's History of Rutherglen 010.03 This burn rises from high grounds about 1/4/ mile from the farm of Clingart, in Cathkin Parish. It enters this parish about 20 xchains west of the farm of Westmuir, & forms the Parish Boundary until it enters the birn called "Polmadie," Thereis a tradition that the horse of Queen Mary in her flight from the Battle of Langside, lost a shoe, & stuck in the mud, or mire, at the place where a ford is shewn (010.03 -1). A horse shoe, as stated by Mr Allen, Factor, was found here twelve years ago, about 8 feet below the surface. It has not been preserved but is commonly believed to have been the shoe lost by Queen Mary's horse.
OS1/21/51/9 Header: Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish [Page] 9 "Maul's Myre signifies a low ditch or marsh , from Maul or Maol, a servant , or whateveris low or mean; and Myre or Meer , a ditch. This etymology is descriptive of Maul's Myre in the western boundary of Rutherglen." - Ure's History of Rutherglen.
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OS1/21/51/11 CITYFORD BURN Cityford Burn Cityford Burn Cityford Burn Cityford Burn G. Crawford Town Clerk W.C. Wallace Bearlands W. White Bankhead John Park Bankhead 010.03 This burn rises on the west side of Cathkin House in Carmunnock Parish. It joins this parish at the farm of Burnside & forms the Parish By. [Boundary] as far as Rutherglen Mill - 15 chains south of it. Flowing past the Town of Rutherglen it again forms the Parish Boundary, from the point where "Mall's Mire Burn" joins it until it enters the Clyde north west of Shawfield Print Works. It bears three distinct , well known names from the point where it issues 'till it enters the Clyde. There is no proper name for it until it comes to "Rutherglen Mill." From here to "Burnside Weaving Factory" it is well knwon as "Cityford Burn. " This name is taken from a ford which was on it, where a bridge has been erected about 10 chains north east of the farm of Crosshill (010.07-3). From the factory to where "Mall's Mire Burn" joins it, the name it is known by is "West Burn," from passing on the west of the Town of Rutherglen. The name given to it from the last
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OS1/21/51/12 Cityford Burn x-3 Trace 6 Last mentioned point of where it enters the Clyde, is "Polmadie Burn", This name is taken from a property adjoining it in the Parish of Cathcart. There is no recognised name for this Burn, at applying from its issuing in Carmunnock to where it enters the River Clyde.
OS1/21/51/13 MUIRBANK Muirbank Muirbank Muirbank Valuation Roll Property Plan Mr Watson 010.03 A superior house having a neat approach from Burnside Street. There are good offices & garden attached, occupied by the proprietor - Mr Watson.
OS1/21/51/13 BEARLANDS Bearlands Bearlands Bearlands Valuation Roll W. C. Wallace Pr [Proprietor] 010.03 A row of two storied houses having a garden attached. The name is well known. It is the property of Mr Wallace.
OS1/21/51/13 NEWFIELD PLACE Newfield Place Newfield Place Newfield Place Corner Ticket Valuation Roll J. Frood 010.03 A small street branching southwards from the west end of Burnside Street, and the east side of Westmuir place. On the east side where Newfield Place begins on 25 inch there is a land of houses having a walk from Burnside Street to them. These houses belong to Burnside Street.
OS1/21/51/14 AUBURN COTTAGE Auburn Cottage Door Plate Valuation Roll Mr I. Russell 010.03 A superior cottage having a good gravelled walk entrance from the road. Occupied by the proprietor Mr Russell.
OS1/21/51/14 CANADA COTTAGE P.H. [Rutherglen] Canada Cottage Name on Cottage Valuation Roll Archd Reid Occupier 010.03 A Public House in a row of thactched dwellings, feued off W. White Esqrs property. The name is well known.
OS1/21/51/15 CASTLE [Farme] Castle Castle Castle New Statistical Account Ure's History of Rutherglen James Fairie Esqr. 010.04 A square building three stories high, with arched roofs to each floor, and having walls between four & five feet thick. With the exception of some additional windows, and alterations made in the interior, the building is almost perfect. It is now used as a dwelling, & is upon the souyh west, & attached to the mansion house of the Farme Estate. It is the property of, and occupied by James Fairie Esqr. "The Farme Estate is said to have been once the private property of some of the Stuarts, Kings of Scotland. It afterwards belonged to the family of Crawford, who namng it from themselves, called it Crawford Farme. It soon afterwards came into the possession of Sir, Walter Stuart of Minto who dwelt in the castle about the years 1645. On the Estate ( Farme) & nearly in the middle of the beautiful lawn, the ancient castle is situated. The period in which it was built is unknown, but the thick walls & strong battlements etc are
OS1/21/51/15 FARME Farme Farme Farme Farme Farme Estate Map James Fairie Esqr. New Stat. [ Statistical] Account Directory to Noblemen and Gentlemens' Seats' etc. 010.04 A large mansion having offices, ornamental grounds & garden attached. The south west portion of the building is an ancient castle. Occupied by the proprietor J. Fairie Esqr.. The mansion is always simply styled "FarmeW without any reference to the castle belonging to it.
OS1/21/51/15 Header: Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish [Page] 15 Under the place entry of Castle is a note: "in German Text"
OS1/21/51/16 Header:[Page] 16 Lanarkshire Parish of Rutherglen Castle Continued are evidences of its antiquity. " New Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account] "In May 1792, one of the principal rooms in the old castle, at the farme, was ordered to be repaired, Several lines of writing in Old English characters, were observed on the sides of the great beams that lay across the house. The letters were black upon a white ground, some of the lines were so greatly obliterated that they could not be read. The following, however, which were legible, are partly given. "Faire speiche in presence, with guid report in absence; And manners in to fellowschap, obtain grait reverence" etc. etc. etc. "Thir armes that is heir, that ar abune pented; Ar the nobill howses that the lard of this hows is descendit." 'I.C.A.H Written 1325' Each of the above stanzas is, in the painting, comprehended in a single line. From the last it appears probable that all of them were written when the family of Crawford dwelt in the farme." Ure's History of Rutherglen
OS1/21/51/17 CLYDESDALE TUBE WORKS Clydesdale Tube Works Clydesdale Tube Works Clydesdale Tube Works Name on Gate Andrew marshall, Manager Andrew Mulligan, Clerk 010.04 A new building used for making every description of iron tubes. Wrought by Eadie & Spencer. There are generally about 60 men employed here. The name "Clydesdale" is merley given by the Co. [Compamy]. There is another "Clydesdale" applied to a manufactory in the east of the parish.
OS1/21/51/17 DALMARNOCK BRIDGE Dalmarnock Bridge Dalmarnock Bridge Dalmarnock Bridge R. Scott, Road Surveyor Valuation roll James Fairie Esqr. 010.04 A County bridge over the River Clyde. It is entirely made of wood, & it is supported by wooden staves driven into the bed of the Clyde. There is a footpath on each side. Formerly there were tolls levied on vehicles etc. crossing it. It has now been done awith for several years.way
OS1/21/51/17 NEW FARME PIT New Farme Coal Pit New Farme Coal Pit New Farme Coal Pit Coal Map James Fairie Esqr. John Weir, Manager 010.04 A pit almost 80 fathoms deep wrought by the proprietor J. Fairie Esqr. This name was given from the pit being the second which was opened on the property.
OS1/21/51/17 NEW FARME ROWS New Farme Rowes New Farme Rows New Farme Rows Valuation Roll James Fairie Esqr. John Weir, Manager 010.04 Two long rows of cilliers dwellings built about the time the pit , from which the name is taken, was opened. The property of James Fairie Esqr.
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OS1/21/51/18 GOOSEBERRY HALL Gooseberry Hall Gooseberry Hall Gooseberry Hall Gooseberry Hall Valuation Roll James Pinkerton Occupier John Weir Manager See Name Sheets of 1/500 scale 010.04 A farm steading chiefly used for growing market vegetables. Feued off J. Fairie's Esqr. property. This name is merely taken from the fruit etc. grown in the garden
OS1/21/51/18 GOOSEBERRY HALL COTTAGE Gooseberry Hall Cottage Gooseberryy Hall Cottage Gooseberry Hall Cottage Gooseberry Hall Cottage Valuation roll James Pinkerton, Farmer Miss Pinkerton, Occupier See Name Sheets of 1/500 scale 010.04 A neat cottage on the opposite side of the road to the farm. There is a very extensive garden attached.
OS1/21/51/18 OLD FARME Old Farme Old Farme Old Farme Valuation Roll Estate Map James Fairie Esqr. 010.04 A farm steading on the banks of the Clyde. the property of J. Fairie Esqr. This steadingwas formerly called "Downybrae", a name now entirely disused. There is a coal pit near it, & rows of colliers dwellings, which bear the same name.
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OS1/21/51/19 EASTFIELD DYE WORKS Eastfield Dye Works Eastfield Dye Works Eastfield Dye Works Valauation Roll Company Card Mr. A. Matheson 010.04 A large manufactory for dying cloth etc. Turkey Red. Wrought by A. Matheson & Co. [Company]
OS1/21/51/19 CLYDE PAPER WORKS Clyde Paper Works Clyde Paper Works Clyde Paper Works Companys Card Mr. Wright James Holmworth Manager 010.04 A large manufactory for making paper. Wrought by Wright & Co. [Company]
OS1/21/51/19 TORBOLL HOUSE Torboll House Torboll House Torboll House Post Office Directory A. Matherson Proprietor J. Calder, Manager 010.04 A superior dwelling house occupied by Mr. Matheson.
OS1/21/51/19 BOGLESHOLE FORD Bogleshole Ford Bogleshole Ford R. Shuields (Session clerk Rutherglen) John Baillie (Inspector of Poor Old Monkland) 010.04 A ford near Hamilton Farm on the River Clyde
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OS1/21/51/20 CLYDE BRIDGE Clyde Bridge Clyde Bridge Clyde Bridge J. Dunlop Esqr J. Baird Factor J Colquhoun, Engineer 010.04 An Iron Bridge over the Clyde, erected by the proprietor of Clyde Iron Works for carriage of minerals etc from this side of the river. There are Rails on it connected with tram roads on both sides.
OS1/21/51/20 MAIN STREET [Rutherglen] Corner Ticket Valuation Roll J. Frood, Town Officer 010.04 The principal Street of Rutherglen. It branches westward from Farmeloan Toad and the end of "Hamilton Road." None of this is shown on the 25 inch
OS1/21/51/20 RIVER CLYDE River Clyde River Clyde River Clyde Gazeteer of Scotland Estate Maps J. Farie Esqr 010.04 'A noble river traversing a large part of the western lowlands of Scotland. The third Scottish stream in point of magnitude, the first in commercial importance, and not the last in natural beauty' Gazeteer. There are embankments on its side through a great portion of the parish. Near Hamilton Farm there is a ford connected by ph [parish] roads on each side.
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OS1/21/51/21 GALLOWFLAT PIT Gallowflat Coal Pit Gallowflat Coal Pit Gallowflat Coal Pit Colliery Map R. Hood, Manager James Park, Clerk 010.08 A coal pit 84 fathoms deep, & about 5 years open. Wrought by the proprietor J. Robertson Reid Esqr. The workings in this pit are not sufficiently extensive to show as a colliery.
OS1/21/51/21 EASTCROFT Eastcroft Eastcroft Eastcroft J. R. Reid Esqr. R. Hood, Manager John Cameron, Tenant 010.08 A small farm steading on the side of "Farme Loan Road." The property of Peter Lyons Esqr.
OS1/21/51/21 HAMILTON ROAD [Rutherglen] Hamilton Road Hamilton Road Hamilton Road Corner Ticket Valuation Roll J. Frood, Town Officer 010.08 A street or road in Rutherglen branching southwards fron the east end of "Main Street" to "Wardlawhill Street"
OS1/21/51/21 Header: Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish [Page] 21 Remark under Name Entry for Hamilton Road - on 1/500 scale plan Entry for Farme Loan road deleted
OS1/21/51/22 WARDLAWHILL STREET Wardlawhill Street Wardlawhill Street Wardlawhill Street Corner Ticket Valuation Roll J. Frood, Town Officer 010.04 A street name applying as far as the houses which are on both sides of the road. It branches eastward from the south end of "Hamilton Road."
OS1/21/51/22 WARDLAW HILL Wardlaw Hill Wardlaw Hill Wardlaw Hill Valuation Roll Estate Map J.R. Reid Esquire 010.04 A hill overlooking the south east of Rutherglen & having part of the village on its north face. It rises rather abruptly From Warlawhill Street, but gradually declines on the east & south sides. On the west, it is almost flat & mingles with Clinkert Hill about the west side of the Turnpike Road.
OS1/21/51/22 STONELAW STREET [Rutherglen] Stonelaw Street Stonelaw Street Stonelaw Street Corner Ticket Valuation Roll J. Frood, Town Officer 010.04 A street running southwards from the main street of Ruhterglen & ending with the houses on the Turnpike Road, about a chain's distance from the corner of "Greenhill Road."
OS1/21/51/22 GREENHILL ROAD [Rutherglen] Greenhill Road Greenhill Road Greenhill Road Corner Ticket Valuation Roll J. Frood, Town Officer 010.04 A narrow road in bad repair having s few house on the north side & where it joins "Stonelaw Street". On the west, it joins "Mill Street."
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OS1/21/51/22 Greenhill Road: Under place entry is written : described on Name Sheets of 010.04 .016 - 1/500 scale Stonelaw Street: under entry is written: on 1/500 scale plan Wardlaw Hill: Ward, a small piece of pasture ground. Law, a designation given to many hills or mounds - Jamieson Wardlawhill Street: Under Place Entry is written: on 1/500 scale plans
OS1/21/51/23 GOLDBEATING MANUFACTORY [Rutherglen] Goldbeating Manufactory Goldbeating Manufactory Goldbeating Manufactory S. Baker Pr. [Proprietor] J. Falford, Manager R. Hood Coal Pit Manager 010.04 A small house used for beating gold into leaf etc. for ornamental gilding. Wrought by the proprietor S. Baker. There are five menconstantly employed there.
OS1/21/51/23 STONELAW PIT Stonelaw Coal pit Stonelaw Coal Pit Stonelaw Coal Pit Colliery Map J. R. Reid Esqr. R. Hood, Manager 010.04 A coal pit about 80 fathoms deep, & about 30 years in use. The underground workings are not sufficiently extensive to show as a colliery. Wrought by the proprietor J. R. Reid Esqr.
OS1/21/51/23 PARKHILL Parkhill Parkhill Parkhill Valuation Roll John Black, Occupier J. R. Reid Esqr. 010.04 A small dwelling house on the south side of "Clinkert Hill". The property of Mrs. R Park.
OS1/21/51/23 BALVAIRD Balvaird Balvaird Balvaird Door Plate Valuation Roll Mr. J. Duncan Occupier 010.04 A superior dwelling house occupied by two families. It is upon the south side of "Clinkert Hill". The property of Patrick McLean Kennedy Esqr.
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OS1/21/51/24 CLINKERT HILL Clinkert Hill Clinkert Hill Clinkert Hill Clinkert Hill Clincart Hill Ure's History of Rutherglen J.R. Reid Esqr. William C. Wallace, Bearland Map of pariliamentart Bh. [Borough] George Crawford Town Clerk 010.04 A hill on the south of Rutherglen adjoning Wardlaw Hill on the east side. Like the latter, it rises, & is steepest from the north side. It extends on the west to Mill Street, but runs in a more southerly direction than Wardlaw Hill. The name is written on the table or highest part.The origin of the name cannot be discovered but it is very well known in the neighbourhood. The last authority is given from anaolgy - "Clincart" farm in Cathcart Parish.
OS1/21/51/24 RUTHER HOUSE Ruther House Ruther House Mr. W. Scott Pr. [Proprietor] George Ranken, Gardener 010.04 A superior dwelling house recently built & named, occupied by the proprietor Mr. W. Scott. This house is on Clinkert Hill
OS1/21/51/24 OVERTON VILLA Overton Villa Overton Villa Overton Villa Mr. S. Baker Pr. [Proprietor] J. Falford, Foerman of Gold Manuf. [Manufactory] Valuation Roll 010.04 A superior cottage on the south east of Clinkert Hill. There is a house, south of the dwelling used by the proprietor for beating gold into leaf etc. used for guilding. The proprietor is Mr. S. Baker.
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OS1/21/51/25 TUMULUS in O.S. (Remains 0f) Tumulus Tumulus Tumulus Tumuolus J. Robertson Reid Esqr. R. Hood, Factor or Manager Ure's History of Rutherglen New Statistical Account 010.04 "At Gallowflat there are the remains of a tumulus of earth. This mound was anciently surrounded with a ditch, the traces of which were visible so late as the year 1773" New Stat. [Statistical ] Acct. [Account] "In the year 1773 the proprietor , Mr. Patrick Robertson, Writer in Glasgow, ordered the ditch to be enlarged & surrounded by a fish pond. During the operation, a passage 6 feet broad, & laid with unknown stones, was discovered, leading up to the top of the mound. Near to this passage was dug up two brass porringers, or copper vessels. They were full of earth & were white in the inside but from what cause, could not be learned. These antique vessels owing to negligence, are now irrecoverably lost. The mound, close to which they were found, is about 12 feet in height; 260 round the base , & 108 round the area at the top. In the middle of this area & about a foot & a half under the surface, was discovered a flat whinstone, about 28 inches in diameter & a smaller one near the edge. Beside the stone were found 3 beads of an antique shape. One of them is preserved by Mr. Patrick Robertson, Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh. The colour is a fine green of a verdigris hue, & the enamel, is in general pretty entire. The bead being made of the old Egyptian paste, anciently so much admired in Europe, there is every reason to believe that it was originally brought from Egypt, & afterwards worn as an amulet by persons of the first distinction in the nation" Ure's History of Rutherglen This mound has undergone so many changes that there are not the least remains of its original appearance. As stated by the proprietor J. R. Reid Esqr, the only change made in it by him, was done about 4 years ago. At that time, the fish pond was taken away & the mound heightened about 3 feet. It is now covered with trees & shrubs & has footpaths round and across it. It gradually slopes to the bottom of the mound where it is faced by stones. The ditch, or remains of the pond, forms a very slight fall or slope, to the bottom of the mound.
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OS1/21/51/26 GALLOWFLAT Gallowflat Gallowflat Gallowflat Estate Map Valuation Roll J. R. Reid Esqr: Proprietor 010.04 A superior house having offices & garden attached. There is a tumulus in the garden north of the house. The property of J. Robertson Reid Esqr.
OS1/21/51/26 CALEDONIAN RAILWAY (Clydesdale Junction) Caledonian Railway (Clydesdale Section) Caledonian Railway (Clydesdale Section) Caledonian Railway (Clydesdale Section) Caledonian Railway (Clydesdale Section) Caledonian Railway (Clydesdale Section) Railway Map McNeil Fairlie Stat: [Station] Master, Rutherglen John McGrath, Cambuslang Stst: [Station] J. Gillespie, Stat: [Station] master, SouthSide Glasgow See Name Sheets of 11.06 Blantyre Parish and See Name Sheets of 1/600 scale Plans Glasgow 010.04 A line of railway between Glasgow & Carlisle. The "Clydesdale Section" applies as far a Motherwell Junction Station. The electric telegraph is on the south side.
OS1/21/51/26 BALLOCHSMILL Ballochsmill Ballochsmill allochsmill Estate Map T.G. Buchanan Esqr. J. Dunn Coal Pit Manager 010.04 A farm steading & a superior dwelling house, separately occupied. It was formely a mill, & called by the miller's name. The property of T. G. Buchanan Esqr.
OS1/21/51/26 EASTFIELD COLLIERY Eastfield Colliery Eastfiled Colliery Eastfiled Colliery Colliery Map T.G. Buchanan Esqr. J. Dunn, Manager 010.04 The most extensive coalfield in the parish. it has been wrought for about a century. There were six pits in it at one time. At present there are about two used. It is expected to last for thirty years. On the side of the Turnpike road, north of No. 4 pit, there is a row of colliers houses without a propername. The colliery is wrought by the proprietor - T.G. Buchanan Esqr.
OS1/21/51/26 Header: [Page] 26 Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish Under Ballochsmill: "Balloch, Belloch, a narrow pass, " Jamieson
OS1/21/51/27 HAMILTON FARM Hamilton Farm Hamilton Farm Hamilton Farm Hamilton Farm Estate Map J. Baird Factor J. Cunningham, Occupier Forest's Co. [County] Map 010.04 A large farm steading with a superior dwelling house north west of it, The dwelling is at present unoccupied. About sixty years ago this went under the name of "Hamilton House". On the proprietor commencing to work the lands belonging to it, the names "Hamilton Farm" was applied,& has been used ever since. The present lessee is J. Dunlop Esqr. who has sublet it. The property of Mr. Russell. A short distance east of the "Farm" there is a ford in the River Clyde connected with parish roads in this Ph. [Parish]; & the Parish of Old Monkland. No trace of a mound or tumulus , is to be seen on this farm, nor do the oldest inhabitants know anything about it.
OS1/21/51/27 EASTFIELD Eastfield Eastfield Eastfield Valuation roll J. Baird, Factor J. Dunn, Factor 010.04 Long rows of dwellings occupied by colliers employed in Messrs: Dunlop & Buchanan's pits. It is considered a village. There is a school for the use of the colliers' children. It is the property of Mr. Buchanan, & Mr. Dunlop
OS1/21/51/27 Header: Lanarkshire Ruherglen Parish [Page] 27
OS1/21/51/28 SCHOOL [Eastfield] School Thos. Hamilton, Teacher James Dunn, Factor Valuation Roll 010.04 A school house built by Mr Buchanan for the use of the Colliers' children in the village of Eastfield. The Schoolmaster fee is supported by stoppages made from the Colliers' wages. There is no support whatever from the Parish.
OS1/21/51/29 CROSSHILL Crosshill Crosshill Crosshill Estate Map Valuation Roll W.White Esqr. 010.07 A good farm steading, the property of W.White Esqr. The stone cross which is mentioned in Ure's History as having stood here, or at the other Crosshills in the Parish is not known. The best authorities have been applied to for its site, but no information can be obtained.
OS1/21/51/29 BANKHEAD PIT Bankhead Coal Pit Bankhead Coal Pit Bankhead Coal Pit estate Map Wolliam Carey, Manager W.White Esqr. 010.07 An old coal Pit nearly wrought out. The workings are not sufficently extensive to shew as a colliery. Wrought by McNaughton & Hood. The property of W.White Esqr.
OS1/21/51/29 BANKHEAD Bankhead Bankhead Bankhead Estate Map Valuation Roll W. White Esqr. 010.07 A suoperior house occupied by the proprietor W. White Esqr. There is a poor cottage west of the house & near the mill having the words "W. White. Janet Steven. 1662" cut on the stone over the door. It has on name. Formerly, it was occupied by the proprietor's ancestors.
OS1/21/51/29 Header@ Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish [Page] 29
OS1/21/51/30 MILLRIGS Millrigs Millrigs Millrigs Estate Map Valuation Roll W. White Esqr. 010.07 A small tahtched house occupied by farm servants. The property of W. White Esqr.
OS1/21/51/30 RUTHERGLEN MILL (Corn) Rutherglen Mill (Corn) Rutherglen Mill (Corn) Rutherglen Mill (Corn) Valuation Roll R. Forrest, Miller & Provost James Frood Town Officer 010.07 A small brick building & dwelling house attached occupied by the miller Mr. R. Forrest, Provost of Rutherglen. It is the property of the borough, & is solely used for grinding oats & barley.
OS1/21/51/30 Header: [Page] 30 Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish
OS1/21/51/31 LOW CROSSHILL Low Crosshill Low Crosshill Low Crosshill Valuation Roll Walter Strang, Occupier J. Allen, Factor 010.08 A small farm steading The property of W. White Esqr.
OS1/21/51/31 STONELAW COTTAGE Stonelaw Cottage Stonelaw Cottage Stonelaw Cottage Valuation roll Post Office Directory R. Hood Pr. [Proprietor] 010.08 A superior cottage occupied by the proprietor R. Hood
OS1/21/51/31 BROOMYKNOWES Broomyknowes Broomyknowes Broomyknowes Estate Map Valuation Roll W. White Esqr. 010.08 A poor cottage near Rutherglen mill. The property of W. White Esqr.
OS1/21/51/31 STONELAW Stonelaw Stonelaw Stonelaw Valuation roll Estate Map T. G. buchanan Esqr. 010.08 A superior farm steading, the property of T. G. Buchanan Esqr. There are a few collier's houses east of this, on the side of theTurnpike road, which bear the name of the farm, from being near it.
OS1/21/51/31 Header: Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish [Page] 31
OS1/21/51/32 STONELAW TOWER Stonelaw Tower Stonelaw Tower Stonelaw Tower T. G. Buchanan Esqr. R. Kennedy Esqr. Pr. [Proprietor] Valuation Roll 010.08 A superior dwelling of modern structure built on the site of a coal pit. There is a square built tower on the eatst sidebetween 20 & 30 feet high. There is also, a small round tower on the north side of it, & another at the north east angle.There are several engine houses at coal [???] in this neighbourhood, built in the style of a tower."StonelawTower" is feued from T. G. Buchanan Mr. Kennedy
OS1/21/51/32 GUSHET HOUSE Gushet House Gushet House Gushet House J. R. Reid Esqr. R. Hood Manager James Stewart Occupier 010.08 A cottage enclosed in the angle formed by the Turnpike Road and Ph. [Parish] Road meeting. It is as well known as the "Round House" from the part which runs towards the point being rounded. The proprietor C. R. Reid Esqr. however considers it to be properly a Gushet House.
OS1/21/51/32 Header: [Page] 32 Lanarkshire Rutherglen Parish
OS1/21/51/32 Stonelaw Towers has an illegible word due to the Fold in th book.
OS1/21/51/33 BULLIONSLAW Bullionslaw Bullionslaw Bullionslaw Estate Map T. G. Buchanan Esqr. J. Dick Occupier 010.08 A good farm steading. The property of T. G. Buchanan Esqr.
OS1/21/51/33 EASTFIELD HOUSE Eastfield House Eastfield House Eastfield House Estate Map Valuation Roll T. G. Buchanan Esqr. 010.08 A good mansion with ofiices, garden & ornamental grounds attached. The property of T. G. Buchanan Esqr. In a shrubbery about 2 chains distance south of the house, there is a tomb railed round with iron, in which were interred the remains of the proprietor's father. There is nothing more remarkable about the tomb or vault.
OS1/21/51/33 EASTFIELD QUARRY Eastfield Quarry (Freestone) Eastfield Quarry (Freestone) Eastfield Quarry (Freestone) T. G. Buchanan Esqr. J. Gemmel, Quarrier Valuation Roll 010.08 A large freestone quarry about 50 years in use & likely to be wrought for a considerable time yet. There are about 20 men employed in it. Wrought by J. Gemmel. The property of T. G. Buchanan Esqr.
OS1/21/51/33 HIGH CROSSHILL High Crosshill High Crosshill High Crosshill Valuation Roll W. White Esqr. Property Plan 010.08 A farm steading occupied by laborers in the employ: of the proprietor - C. D. Gray Esqr.
OS1/21/51/33 Header: [Page] 33
OS1/21/51/34 BLAIRBETH HOUSE Blairbeth House Blairbeth House Blairbeth House Property Plan Valuation Roll C.D. Gray Esqr. 010.08 A good mansion having offices, garden & ornamental grounds attached. Occupied by the proprietor C.D.Gray Esqr.
OS1/21/51/34 BURNSIDE Burnside Burnside Burnside Property Plan Valuation roll Mr. J. Love Proprietor 010.08 A good farm steading occupied by the proprietor Mr. Love.
OS1/21/51/34 BURNSIDE LOCH Burnside Loch Burnside Loch Burnside Loch J. Love - Burnside R. Forrest Provost Estate Map 010.08 This loch is partly held by Mr. Love of Burnside. Four monthsin the year - from the 17th November 'till 17th March, the broughof Rutherglen have a right tothe water in it for the use of the Rutherglen Mill. Mr. Love uses it as rough pasture or grasing ground between the above periods, & it is seldomdry except when the borough have a right to it, or in wet seasons. There is a stream - or lade from eastfield Burn which may be traced through the loch when dry. This lade passes out at the east side & enters "Cityford Burn" south west of Blairbeth House.
OS1/21/51/34 Header: [Page] 34 Lanarkshire Rutherglen parish There is a note under Place Entry for Burnside Loch stating (Dry in Summer)
OS1/21/51/35 EASTFIELD BURN Eastfield Burn Eastfield Burn Eastfield Burn t.g.Buchanan Esqr J. Dunn, Colliery Manager J Gemmel, Eastfield Quarry 010.08 A burn which rises east of Cathkin House, in Carmunnock Parish & bears the name 'Whitelaw Burn' to the point where it re-enters this parish on Trace 2, south of 'Bullionslaw' Steading. From the latter to where it enters the Clyde near Ballochmile it is Eastfield Burn. Ther eis no proper name for this Burn as applying to its whole extent.Eastfield is about the central property on its course, but that name is not known near 'Whitelawburn' Farm.
OS1/21/51/35 TUMULUS [Gallowflat] 010.04
OS1/21/51/35 No entry for TUMULUS [Gallowflat] on this page.
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OS1/21/51/37 SPRINGHALL Springhall Springhall Springhall Springhall Valuation Roll Meikleham's Map Forest's Co [County] Map J. Love Burnside 010.12 A superior house having offices, garden etc. attached, Occupied by the proprieter A. Patterson Esqr. The name is always used as one word.
OS1/21/51/37 WHITELAW BURN Whitelaw Burn Whitelaw Burn Whitelaw Burn T.G. Buchanan Esqr D. Gairdner, Factor James Ferguson, Whitelawmuir 010.12 A burn which lies east of Cathkin House in Carmunnock Parish. It flows by the side of the Parish Boundary at Springhall & enters the parish of Cambuslang, passing a farm steading of the same name. Re-entering Rutherglen Parish near, & south of Bullionslaw Steading, it flows beside the Parish Boundary through Eastfield Estate & enters the Clyde near Ballochmile. From the point where it rises to when it re-enters Rutherglen, near 'Bullionslaw', it bears the name 'White Cow Burn'. And from the last point to its entering the Clyde is 'Eastfield Burn'. There is no proper name for this Burn as applying to the whole extent.
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OS1/21/51/39 CLYDESDALE CHEMICAL WORKS Clydesdale Chemical Works Clydesdale Chemical Works Clydesdale Chemical Works Co's [Company's] Hand Bill Valuation Roll Andrew Park Manager James McDowal Gateman 011.05 Extensive brick buildings enclosed by high walls & paling. They are used for extracting oil, grease for railway wheels & white wax from sea coal by chemical processes. Ther is nothing doing here at present. The men employed are sworn to secrecy. The propertty of J. Bain Esqr. The name 'Clydesdale' is given in trade only. There is no property of that name in the Parish. There is a Tube manufactory at Dalmarnock Bridge called 'Clydesdale' also.
OS1/21/51/39 OIL WORKS [adjacent to Clydesdale Chemical Works] Oil Works Oil Works Oil Works Valuation Roll Andrew Park James McDowal 011.05 Two house East of the Chemical Works, & separated from them by a high paling. This establishment has a patent for making 'Hyper Sperm Oil' from Common Tallow. No other description of work is done here. In every respect this is separate & distinct as a manufactory & company from the Chemical Works, the property of J Bain Esqr.
OS1/21/51/40 ROSEBANK HOUSE Rosebank House Rosebank House Rosebank House Estate Map Valuation Roll Miss Orr 011.05 A superior house occupied by Mr J. Sloane. The offices are partly used as such, & partly as a dwelling & separately occupied from the lessee of the house; The property of J. Bain Esqr. It was formerly occupied by the proprietors, who take their titles from it
OS1/21/51/40 CULLOCH BURN Culloch Burn Authorities quoted and name described in Name Sheets of X! -5 - Cambuslang Parish
OS1/21/51/41 OS1 321 Name Book Co [County] Lanark Parish of Rutherglen Date Stamp Ordnance Survey N.S Store Southampton 15/10/1932
OS1/21/51/42 INDEX Names -- Sheet -- Plan -- Page Auburn Cottage -- x -- 3 -- 14 Blackfaulds -- x -- 3 -- 5 Bearlands -- x -- 3 -- 13 Balvaird -- x -- 4 -- 23 Bogleshole Ford -- x -- 4 -- 19 Bankhead Pit (Coal) -- x -- 7 -- 29 Bankhead -- x -- 7 -- 29 Broomyknow -- x -- 8 -- 31 Bullionslaw -- x -- 8 -- 33 Blairbeth House -- x -- 8 -- 34 Burnside -- x -- 8 -- 34 Burnside Loch -- x -- 8 -- 34 Cityford Burn -- x -- 3 -- 11 Canada Cottage -- x -- 3 -- 14 Castle -- x -- 4 -- 15 Clydesdale Tile Works -- x -- 4 -- 17 Clyde Bridge -- x -- 4 -- 20 Clyde Paper Works -- x -- 4 -- 19 Caledonian Railway Clydesdale Junction -- x -- 4 -- 26 Clinkart Hill -- x -- 4 -- 24 Crosshill -- x -- 7 -- 29 Clyesdale Chemical Works -- x1 -- 5 -- 39 Culloch Burn -- x1 -- 5 -- 40 Den's Dikes -- x -- 4 -- 2 Dalmarnock Bridge -- x -- 4 -- 17 Eastfield Dye Works -- x -- 4 -- 19 Eastcroft -- x -- 4 -- 21 Eastfield Colliery -- x -- 4 -- 26 Eastfield -- x -- 4 -- 27 Eastfield Quarry -- x -- 8 -- 3 Eastfield Burn -- x -- 8 -- 35
OS1/21/51/43 [Index continued] Name -- Sheet -- Plan -- Page Eastfield House -- x -- 8 -- 33 Farme -- x -- 4 -- 15 Gooseberry Hall -- x -- 4 -- 18 Gooseberry Hall Cottage -- x -- 4 -- 18 Gallowflat Pit (Coal) -- x -- 4 -- 21 Gallowflat -- x -- 4 -- 26 Greenhill Road -- x -- 4 -- 22 Goldbeating Manufactory -- x -- 4 -- 23 Gasket House -- x -- 8 -- 32 Hamilton Road -- x -- 4 -- 21 Hamilton Farm -- x -- 4 -- 27 High Crosshill -- x -- 8 -- 33 Low Crosshill -- x -- 8 -- 31 Millcroft -- x -- 3 -- 5 Mall's Mire Burn -- x -- 3 -- 9 Muirbank -- x -- 3 -- 13 Main Street -- x -- 4 -- 20 Millrig -- x -- 7 -- 30 Newhouse -- x -- 3 -- 6 New Farme Pit (Coal) -- x -- 4 -- 17 Newfield -- x -- 3 -- 8 New Farme Rows -- x -- 3 -- 8 Old Farme -- x -- 3 -- 18 Overton Villa -- x -- 4 -- 24 Oil Works -- x1 -- 5 -- 39 Polmadie Burn -- x -- 3 -- 7 Parkhilkl -- x -- 4 -- 23 Reservoir -- V1 -- 16 -- 3 River Clyde -- x -- 4 -- 20 Rutherglen -- x -- 4 -- 1 Ruther House -- x -- 4 -- 24 Rutherglen Mill -- x -- 7 -- 30 Rosebank House [ -- X1 -- 5 -- 40]
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