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TUMULUS in O.S. (Remains 0f) Tumulus
J. Robertson Reid Esqr. R. Hood, Factor or Manager
Ure's History of Rutherglen
New Statistical Account
010.04 "At Gallowflat there are the remains of a tumulus of earth. This mound was anciently surrounded with a ditch, the traces of which were visible so late as the year 1773" New Stat. [Statistical ] Acct. [Account]
"In the year 1773 the proprietor , Mr. Patrick Robertson, Writer in Glasgow, ordered the ditch to be enlarged & surrounded by a fish pond. During the operation, a passage 6 feet broad, & laid with unknown stones, was discovered, leading up to the top of the mound. Near to this passage was dug up two brass porringers, or copper vessels. They were full of earth & were white in the inside but from what cause, could not be learned. These antique vessels owing to negligence, are now irrecoverably lost. The mound, close to which they were found, is about 12 feet in height; 260 round the base , & 108 round the area at the top. In the middle of this area & about a foot & a half under the surface, was discovered a flat whinstone, about 28 inches in diameter & a smaller one near the edge. Beside the stone were found 3 beads of an antique shape. One of them is preserved by Mr. Patrick Robertson, Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh. The colour is a fine green of a verdigris hue, & the enamel, is in general pretty entire. The bead being made of the old Egyptian paste, anciently so much admired in Europe, there is every reason to believe that it was originally brought from Egypt, & afterwards worn as an amulet by persons of the first distinction in the nation" Ure's History of Rutherglen
This mound has undergone so many changes that there are not the least remains of its original appearance. As stated by the proprietor J. R. Reid Esqr, the only change made in it by him, was done about 4 years ago. At that time, the fish pond was taken away & the mound heightened about 3 feet. It is now covered with trees & shrubs & has footpaths round and across it. It gradually slopes to the bottom of the mound where it is faced by stones. The ditch, or remains of the pond, forms a very slight fall or slope, to the bottom of the mound.

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