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DINS DIKES Din's Dykes
Din's Dykes
Din's Dykes
Din's Dykes
Dins Dikes
G Crawford, Town Clerk
J Maxwell Auditor's Clerk
J Allan Baillie
New Statistical Account p 374
010.04 "About 100 yards to the south of the Main Street is a kind of lane known by the name of Din's Dykes.A circumstance which befell the unfortunate Queen Mary, immediately after her forces were routed at the battle of Langside,has ever since continued to characterize this place, with an indelible mark of opprobrium" Ure's History.
Tradition has handed down "Din's Dykes" as being a short distance north of "Greenhill Road" or along the bottoms of the gardens belonging to the houses in "Main Street". There is no sign whatever of any lane and there does not appear to be any persons in the neighbourhood, except the authorities, who know the name or where it applies. As stated by Mr Crawford- "An antique gold ring was found 60 years ago where the name is written at the bottom of the garden of General J Spences house which stood opposite the Town House of Rutherglen. The ring was preserved, along with several old coins, by General Spence's Lady, who believed that it belonged to Queen Mary"
RUTHERGLEN [burgh] 010.04

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....regularly numbered, lighted, and paved. There are but a few of the streets on the outskirts of the town, shewn on the 25inch scale. The Borough B(oundar)y extends considerably beyond the town, there is also a Parliamentary Boundary.
Written in red ink beneath the continued entry for Rutherglen Burgh is the following:
"In the olden time Rutherglen was privileged to send a member to the Scottish Parliament, whose expenses were paid at the rate of 3s (--) per dieu during his attendance there. At the Union in 1707it had an equal share with Glasgow, Renfrew and Dumbarton in sending a representative to parliament; and since the passing of the Reform bill, it has been associated for the same purpose with Kilmarnock; Dumbarton; Port Glasgow and Renfrew"Fullarton's Gazatteer Vol2 p.627
"By the reform in parliament bill, the burghs of Kilmarnock, Port-Glasgow, Dumbarton, Rutherglen and Renfrew, send one member to the reformed parliament" New Statistical Account

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