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are evidences of its antiquity. " New Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account]
"In May 1792, one of the principal rooms in the old castle, at the farme, was ordered to be repaired, Several lines of writing in Old English characters, were observed on the sides of the great beams that lay across the house. The letters were black upon a white ground, some of the lines were so greatly obliterated that they could not be read. The following, however, which were legible, are partly given.
"Faire speiche in presence, with guid report in absence; And manners in to fellowschap, obtain grait reverence" etc. etc. etc.
"Thir armes that is heir, that ar abune pented; Ar the nobill howses that the lard of this hows is descendit." 'I.C.A.H Written 1325'
Each of the above stanzas is, in the painting, comprehended in a single line. From the last it appears probable that all of them were written when the family of Crawford dwelt in the farme." Ure's History of Rutherglen

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