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Cityford Burn
Cityford Burn
Cityford Burn
G. Crawford Town Clerk
W.C. Wallace Bearlands
W. White Bankhead
John Park Bankhead
010.03 This burn rises on the west side of Cathkin House in Carmunnock Parish. It joins this parish at the farm of Burnside & forms the Parish By. [Boundary] as far as Rutherglen Mill - 15 chains south of it. Flowing past the Town of Rutherglen it again forms the Parish Boundary, from the point where "Mall's Mire Burn" joins it until it enters the Clyde north west of Shawfield Print Works. It bears three distinct , well known names from the point where it issues 'till it enters the Clyde. There is no proper name for it until it comes to "Rutherglen Mill." From here to "Burnside Weaving Factory" it is well knwon as "Cityford Burn. " This name is taken from a ford which was on it, where a bridge has been erected about 10 chains north east of the farm of Crosshill (010.07-3). From the factory to where "Mall's Mire Burn" joins it, the name it is known by is "West Burn," from passing on the west of the Town of Rutherglen. The name given to it from the last

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