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The Medwin
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
Medwin W
Medwin Water
River Medwin
Revd. [Reverend] John Lawrie
Mr. William Black
Revd. [Reverend] John Vary
Mr Hugh Smith
Mr David Aitken
Mr William Watson
Robert Denholm Esqr.
Johnstons County Map
Forrests Map
Sketch Map.
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Page 42.
The authorities have been re-consulted regarding the orthography of this name and the best mode of writing it. they say "The Medwyn"
026.10 A large and extremely crooked Stream, which is formed by the meeting of the lesser ones, named North Medwyn and South Medwyn, the former running through the Ph. [Parish] of Carnwath, and the latter forming the Bdy. [Boundary] between the Ph. [Parish] of Carnwath & Liberton. the rising of these two streams occuring in the Co. [County] of Edinburgh, _ Its banks are low, water sluggish & deep, it forms the Bdy. [Boundary] between this parish and Carnwath, its confluence being with the River Clyde.

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Parish of Pettinain

Written in red in column 1 -
The Medwin adopted, by order of Col [Colonel] Cameron - see Remarks on Dunsyre Parish Page 5.

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