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PETTINAIN [parish] Pedyname or Petynane
Pittinine or Pettinain
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026; 033 "The figure of the parish is rather irregular, but may be more properly described as rectangular than in any other way, being nearly 3 miles in length, and 2½ in breadth. It is bounded on the south by Covington; on the west by Carmichael; on the north-west by a small portion of Lanark; on the north by Carstairs and Carnwath; and on the east by Liberton. From the four last mentioned parishes it is separated by the Clyde."
"The nearest town is that of Carnwath, at the distance of 3 miles; but in consequence of the Clyde intervening and the river being frequently impassable, particularly in winter, the inhabitants generally resorted to Lanark, at the distance of 5½ miles having easy access to it by a bridge over the Clyde at Hyndford."
"The only turnpike road connected with the parish is that leading from Carlisle to Stirling, which passes merely through a corner of the parish."
"There are no chapels of any description in the parish, the whole population being connected with the church, except four or five individuals."
Statistical Account.
There are no detached portions of other parishes within the boundaries of this, and there are no detached portions of this within the boundaries of other parishes.

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Parish of Petinain

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