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NEW MONKLAND [parish] New Monkland Parish New Monkland Parish New Monkland Parish New Monkland Parish New Monkland Parish New Monkland Parish Sherrifs Returns New Staistical Account Old Statistical Account Chalmer's Caledonia Fullarton's Gazetteer County Map Origines Parochiales Scotiae 002; 003; 008 The parishes of Old and New Monklands were formerly one parish under the general name of Monklands,-A name derived from the monks of the Abbey of Newbattle to whom the lands belonged. The parishes were divided into two in the year 1640. The eastern division being named New Monkland and the western Old Monkland.

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Lanarkshire Parish of New Monkland [page] 1

"The Parish is in the middle ward of Lanarkshire, and forms part of the north boundary of the County. It is nearly ten miles in length from east to west, and seven in breadth near the middle, but narrower at both ends; bounded on the south by the parishes of Bothwell and Shotts; on the east by the parishes of Torphichan and Slammannan; on the north by those of Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch; on the west by those of Cadder and Old Monklands." New Statistical Account.

Note.- There is not any portion of the Parish of "New Monkland"detached on these or any other Parish, nor is there any portion of any other Parish contained within the bounds of this Parish. [signature] R H

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