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MARYHILL [town] Maryhill
Valuation Roll
D. Robertson, Inspector of Poor
R. Craig, Commissioners' Clerk
G. Anderson, Inspector of Police
J. Paxton, Elder
006.10 A Town in the N. W. [North-West] of the Parish with a population of about 4500. It was constituted a Police Burgh in 1855, under the provisions of the Act 13th & 14th Victoria, Cap: [??] 33 entituled "An Act to make more effectual provision for regulating the Police of Towns & populous places in Scotland. & for paving, draining, cleaning, lighting, & improving the same." The Streets are regularly numbered & properly named. There is a force of 9 City Policemen Stationed in the Burgh. The lighting & Police or extent of the Burgh, extents north as far as the Est: Ch. [Established Church] Manse, & south past Wynford along the "Garscube Road Maryhill" to a house (on 1/500 Scale) about 3 chains outside the south margin of Trace 5-VI [6] -2, near the Wireworks at the beginning of Springbank, where the latter & the "Garscube Road Maryhill" meet. There are three Magistrates in the Burgh who sit once a week in the Police Station. the Inspector of Police acting as Fiscal. There are also three honorary commissioners appointed to the Town for Sanitary purposes. The Forth & Clyde Canal passes through the Town & has two Aquaducts (beside Locks) one over the road between Wyndford & Maryhill, & the othe rover the river kelvin. The new Railway (Glasgow , Dumbarton & Helensburgh) crosses the Kelvin here by a very fine Bridge. Kelvin Dock - from the little lock at the Saw Mill, was the name of Maryhill 25 years ago. The name (Maryhill) is taken from a lady whose property the village was when the name changed. The principal works in the Town, are the Gasworks, Printfield, Weaving Factory & Saw Mill. There is an Est: Ch [Established Church] & school. A Free Ch. [Church] & School, A Roman Catholic Chapel & an Infant School in Maryhill. The Town begins at the Canal Aqueduct, which separates it from Wyndford & extends north as far as the Manse.

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Lanarkshire Maryhill Parish

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