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Cambus Possil
Cambus Possil
Valuation Roll
Estate Map
Richard Watson
001.14 An old Farm Steading occupied by Laborers [temm] only called by them. "Sodom".
The property of Captain Campbell.
Possil Loch
Possil Loch
Estate Map
Richard Watson
Wimmil Graham
001.14 This loch is bounded on the north by the Parish Boundary & on the East by the canal. Near the Parish Boundary the ground is dry from refuse being scattered about. The remainder is worse that the West loch. being in some places covered by Mushy Pools. By the side of the Canal the soil appears at times, to be rough meadow land. Its general appearance is Marshy. The property of Captain Campbell. In wet weather this Loch is flooded - particularly in winter.

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Lanarkshire No. 21. Maryhill Parish

Cambus Possil

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"Cam is the British and Celtic, transformed by the Scoto - Saxons into Cambus, signifies bending or bowed - usg or iusg means water." New Statistical Account of Cambuslang, County of Lanark.

Possil Lock

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(Dry in Summer).

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1. Situation - Cambus Possil, Trace 5.

2. Situation - Possil Loch, Trace 6.

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